As a young professional, I am pleased to support Dave Funk for Congress.  In light of my professional background studying the impact of public on the well-being of children and families and after examining all the candidates in the Republican field for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, I chose to support Dave for the following reasons:

  • He understands, like the Founders, that most policy decisions (i.e. education and human services) are best made at the state and local level and that the Constitution gives very few policy responsibilities to the Federal government.  Dave realizes that the difficulties families face can be most adequately addressed by civic and faith-based organizations and that effective programs and policies targeted towards bettering children and families are best designed and implemented by those closest to them.
  • Families are the most basic and important social unit in any society.  Dave supports policies that will strengthen Iowa’s families, not through increasing the social safety net but through tax policies that encourage fiscal responsibility. He believes in reducing the individual tax burden, which will allow families to keep more of what they earn and increase their capacity to carry out their familial obligations. Dave also believes in reducing the corporate tax burden so that businesses will be able to expand and hire more employees and therefore instead of having to rely on government support to make ends meet, low-income families have access to jobs that can help them become self-sufficient.
  • He realizes that this nation cannot continue to spend at its current rate. Leaving a nearly $13 trillion debt to future generations in order to create a social welfare state is not in the best interest of Iowa’s families. Dave knows that cutting spending is another key component to supporting the well-being of children and families because doing so will not only ease the tax burden on families but allow them to be free of government intrusion in their financial, health care, and education decisions.
  • He is a proven leader who lives his life within the context of faith, honesty, and integrity.  Many people will campaign on the “I’m different” slogan and the way to distinguish whether a person will be different in Washington is to look at how that person has lived his or her life and whether the person is accountable to others for his or her actions. An examination of Dave’s life shows that not only is he a leader but he is a leader who will be accountable to his family, friends, and constituents for his actions as an elected official.

Congress and Iowa’s families need Funk!

Brinn Shjegstad, Ph.D is co- director of the Iowa Policy Institute and teaches courses in psychology and human development/family studies at DMACC and Iowa State University.