We’ve been reading more and more lately, and I’ve even written about it, regarding the Iranian threat pending worldwide.  Iran is close if not already able to create nuclear weapons and it’s only a matter of time before the Iranian Tyrant fulfills on his promised path of the nuclear destruction of Israel and you can bet that America will be next.  This tyrant has blatantly ignored every “diplomatic” solution the United Nations and this administration has thrown at them.

I was reading today from an American Thinker article whose author brought forth an interesting premise.  We know two things:  First, Iran cannot refine their own crude oil; second, if we “shut off the export” of refined petroleum into Iran, their country’s tyrannical regime will fail.  While the solution seems simple it’s been long overdue and one key Congressman, Howard Berman (D-CA), is blocking it at every stage possible.

AT reports that there is currently a bill ready for conference committee just waiting for its chair to select the members that will join him in finalizing the bill for a final House floor vote, long story short, Congressmen Berman has all but refused to do so.  He has changed his pre-Obama position of strong sanctions against Iran to his new Obama aligned “do nothing” policy.  There have been numerous reports of the Whitehouse using this Congressman to slow down the process.  Which begs the question……WHY?

I don’t yet know why but I’ll tell you this – President Obama has neglected his primary role as this nations Commander-In-Chief.  He has neglected to keep us safe and has done NOTHING to ensure our future safety and that of our allies.  This was seen with Fort Hood, the underwear bomber, as well as his policy overseas.  He refuses to meet with our longstanding allies but bows to dictators, let’s Russia push us around, compromises our Gulf Coast resources and refuses to get tough with a soon to be NUCLEAR ARMED IRAN!

I keep saying it and I firmly believe it; now is the time to act.  Now is the time to vote out these incompetent leaders that have no concept of what American exceptionalism means to the world.  We are a beacon of success and as Reagan said the last hope of freedom in this world.  Soon, if no action is taken, we may lose that hope with nuclear-armed terrorists and tyrants.  Once Iran has nuclear weapons it is only a matter of time before other unstable mid-East countries, Al-Qaeda and even Venezuela have nuclear weapons.  The time is now to stop these tyrannical, terrorist groups and nations from destroying global stability and the future of our great country and the world.