I applaud President Obama’s push for conservation but I am discouraged by those put in place to execute.  This push for conservation is called America’s Great Outdoors Initiative which was signed this month on the 16th.  It’s the largest land bill initiative since the days of FDR.  Good stewardship of our land is vital.  While I disregard all notions of man-made global warming, the hunter in me strongly believes in the mission of the Safari Club International, a global hunting organization, that stands up for conservation everywhere.

Straight from the SCI website:“Every member of SCI is a conservationist on many levels. From their membership dollars that go to support the SCI Foundation’s global activities, to their local chapter projects, to their support of federal and local game and fish agencies through purchase of licenses and sporting equipment, members of SCI are conservationists of the best kind.”

While I am motivated by the concept behind the new land bill let me tell you why I’m discouraged.  To handle this initiative the President has identified the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Chair of the Council of Environmental Quality.  You tell me where conservation fits into any of these organizations.  It doesn’t.  These are a bunch of radical environmentalists that are driving for devastating legislation like cap and trade.  These are individuals who will put their radical agendas above all, not in the name of the environment, but in the name of power.

President Obama, if you really cared about the environment, conservation and preserving our National parks, put the REAL conservationists in charge, they would be Americas hunters, Ranchers and Farmers, we were “green” before “green” was cool.  Not the environmental tree-huggers.  Keep the contaminates out of conservation!

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