Dear Newt;

We don’t need “17 Solutions for American Horizons”, or “9 Foundational Blocks of a Prosperous Tomorrow”. We don’t need “Healthcare Transformations”. And we sure as hell don’t need a “Green Conservatism”.

All America needs right now is it’s cherished Constitution.

Mr. Gingrich, you might be a smart fellow, but, I’m sorry: You aren’t any smarter than Madison, or Randolph, or Mason, or Hamilton, or Franklin. You’re good, no doubt. But not better than Publius.

Yes, all we need is our Constitution back.

That, and a President wielding a trusty machete to slash their way through the byzantine, unruly, Gordian-knot of 70 years of left-wing social policy. That’s right: I said “slash”. We have agencies piled atop agencies, with hundreds of thousands of pages of indecipherable, incomprehensible rules, regulations, taxes, fines, penalties and bureaucrats. Normal, hard-working, tax-paying Americans look at this disaster, and the existential burden it’s thrown on our backs –and the backs of our kids and grandkids– and we know intuitively what to do about it. It’s nice, Newt, that you are the smartest guy in the room. Very nice, and kind of jaunty, too. But, you don’t have to be the smartest guy in the room to understand the damage that’s been done, and how to fix it.

We already have a “solution” to this problem. It’s called “cut”. Cut, slash, prune, dig up, root out, trim, chop, slice, hack, whatever. Just “CUT”, dammit. No more unread and unreadable white papers, no policy reports. No million-dollar “advice”.

To quote an aphorism I heard not long ago, “right wing social engineering is just as destructive as left-wing social engineering”. Damned straight, and I know what you meant when you said it, and I didn’t hold it against you, either. You meant that carrots and lollipops handed out by Republicans are just as filthy and evil as those handed out by leftists– and they most certainly are. But you don’t stop the gravy train simply by moving it all onto whiz-bang light-rail system. You STOP IT… you slam on the brakes, you block the tracks, blow up the bridges. Whatever. And, I think you know this, Newt, in the core of your soul.

You know Ronald Reagan better than any candidate running. What did he say? “Government is not the solution to our problems. Government IS the problem…!”

I know you get this, I know you it’s imprinted on your political heart, Mr. Gingrich: You’ve shown glimmers of this in the past. I know you have it in you. For example, you took the slings and arrows of the most extreme, vile, loathsome, political libel for four years, and yet, you plowed ahead against the popular storm, the onslaught of an entire pop culture aimed at your throat. You muscled through the only meaningful reform of a major Federal entitlement program ever. EVER. On the second day of Congress in 1995, you moved to defund (and did) all of the standing “caucus” committees, and stood up when the extreme left howled that, if black congressman wanted a caucus, they jolly well could pay for it themselves.

You shouldered and heaved a REAL balanced budget amendment on the floor of the Congress, and it missed the mark by a single vote in the Senate. You extended the Reagan Revolution beyond the eclipse of the Bush 41 years, and brought it to the sunny uplands that lasted through the first decade of the new century. You’ve tasted the fruits of our sacred freedoms, and you know what needs to be done.

Now, stop with the superlatives, reign in your adjectives. Put on the Good Cheer of Ronald Reagan, and watch with glee as Barack Obama gets more and more shrill with the collectivist, Marxist clap-trap. If you do this, if you cut through the clutter, the hubris, the moxie, the Inside the Washington Beltway multi-sylabic mumbo-jumbo, the nation will beat a path to your door.

If you keep on with the “19 Steps to Stardom” then we will flee into the night.


Kindly and Respectfully Submitted,

-A Curmudgeonly Voter