Oh, really.

Smart move, genius.

How can some folks that seem so smart say such dumb things? They have advanced degrees, seem successful in their professions. They drive nice cars, have nice kids. Or grandkids. It’s rather like discovering the Pastor of your church, whom you’ve always admired and respected for his loving manner, his gentle approach, his wise counsel,– is very proud of his collection of MAD magazines.

Dumb, puerile. Embarrassing.

I mean, really: Who is the kind of person that votes for Barack Obama, especially now that we’ve had an up-close-and-personal view of the man for 1,192 days. Twelve hours. Fifteen minutes. And thirty-seven seconds. WHO would do this? Other than an illiterate amnesiac, I mean. WHO?

Well, they’re out there, evidently. And some of them are proud of their stupidity.

Now, granted: If Ron Paul, by some fluke, or natural disaster –like pestilence–, gets the Grand Old Party nomination, I will be forced to don my haz-mat suit, get my full range of vaccinations, hold my nose, and vote for grizzled old coot. But, I will crawl on my belly through razor-wire to vote for Ron Paul if he’s running against the diabolical, loathsome, despicable, horrific Barack Hussein Obama. I have no choice, and to consider that some people think there IS a choice in these circumstances is truly beyond my ken.

My father-in-law is the perfect example of this seeming mental disorder: He was extraordinarily successful in the manufacturing business, back in the heyday of go-go jobber-shops here in Michigan. He made all manner of die-cast, or simple-assembly parts for Chrysler and Ford. (He cracked the GM nut for a while, too, but they “treated me like a bank”, so, he gave up on them).

I’ll call my father-in-law “Bob”, mainly because that’s his name. Bob was an officer in Patton’s Third Army– although, in all candor, he was hundreds of miles, usually, from the main axis of advance as a fellow that helped the paperwork catch up with the individual G.I.  Bob married a graduate from Julliard after the War, earned an MBA from Harvard (back when such things had merit), and eventually built a house that graced the pages of Architectural Record. He was the kind of father that sent his kids off to various boarding schools because, well, kids were not meant to be seen OR heard.

But, he attended a rather libertine church for most of his life, gave literally a million dollars to various charities in his life, and was, in most respects, a kind, highly benevolent, smart, sharp guy. He is 92 years old now, and looks mostly 62. He drives a supercharged BMW, and revels in his storytelling about how he bought it a couple of years ago for not only less than the dealer wanted, but less even than he thought anyone in the country had done for the same brand-new model. He would be Sean Connery as Bond, if Bond had been five-foot-two. The olives he puts in his martinis cost more than my whole lunch on most days.

Bob despises Fox News, calling it propaganda, while he peers over the top of the pages of his New York Times. Oddly, though, he recently let his 70-year subscription lapse, saying it had become “all ads”, and took up the Weekly Standard, instead. Go figure.

Like I say, the man is brilliant in so many regards. If you are running a company that isn’t hitting on all cylinders, he can look at your balance sheet, and size up the problem in less than a minute or two. He was known as a leader that inspired by example, and wasn’t above helping the concrete crew float the new floor on the loading dock because it had to be set by Thursday, and the crew was a man short. He anonymously paid the tuition of many deserving young college students, and has quite a few plaques with his name on them. And yet…

He gave money in ’08 to John McCain early on, and then voted for Barack Obama. Proudly. And, several months ago, he said “if Michele Bachmann is the nominee, I’ll vote for him again, too!”

What’s wrong with Michele Bachmann, I queried. “She just stands there, saying ‘look at me, I’m pretty, I’m pretty!’ ” says Bob. THAT’S what stands as intelligent political analysis from a man that’s forgotten more about business than I will ever know. I tell him the Mrs. Bachmann is a federal tax litigator, a successful business owner, and has clawed and fought her way into national politics by her sheer grit, and he still dismisses her. “She just looks dumb most of the time.” More insightful thoughts from the old man. I drop it, and move onto talking about Patton.

Months later, he said “If Rick Perry is the nominee, I’m voting for Barack Obama”. Again, smart move, Sherlock. What’s wrong with Rick Perry?

“Oh, the man hates blacks, obviously.”

Really. Bob must have read that in the New York Times. Well, fine, I say. But Barack Obama must hate Jews, by that same standard. Certainly his pastor does, even though Obama sat in his pews for twenty years without listening to the man. And, the evidence that Rick Perry hates blacks is what, precisely? “He calls them ‘niggers’ “, said Bob.

Oh, well. Tell me again, Bob, what happened after the Battle of the Bulge?

The “I will vote for Obama” disease seems to be spreading amongst even some nominal Republicans. It even seems to be a rather virulent bug going around at RedState, too. And the numbers of the infected are alarming…

If you are smart enough to be perusing the pages of RedState, how on earth can you be dumb enough to even consider voting for the most destructive force in American politics and governance in the last forty years? To “get back” at Mitt Romney, a man you’ve never met, will never meet, and who likely will only have the effect on your life that he won’t destroy what’s left of the country when Obama is done with it? I really, really don’t understand the logic. Mitt Romney might not be Ronald Reagan, but, dammit, he’s not Pol Pot, either.

Barack Obama is actively, creatively, forcefully destroying our country. When he took office, there were 23 million Americans on food stamps. Now there are 44 million Americans so engaged. We’ve added some 80,000 pages to the Federal Register, half of them involving Obamacare alone. He is hollowing out our magnificent armed forces. Our foreign policy is a disastrous, discordant mess– all our old allies deeply distrust us, and our enemies laugh at us.

And our economy is an unmitigated disaster. Fewer people are engaged in the job market, as a percentage, than at any time since they’ve been keeping records. The only reason the unemployment rate is at a “low” of 8.6% is because the numbers are cooked, and they aren’t counting entire classes of jobless folks. Inflation is on fire, and like the unemployment rate, the government simply isn’t reporting the figures accurately for how much buying power average Americans are losing.

By any measure, Barack Obama is a catastrophe. He will continue to be a catastrophe until he is declawed by the electoral process. That ANYONE entertains the notion that, well– a RINO in the White House is just as bad as Obama is delusional and destructive. Barack Obama will continue to stuff the courts with extreme leftist radicals. He will actively destroy the currency. He will denude the military of its fighting effectiveness by continuing to institute radical social policies on what should be a finely-honed warrior class. And, worst of all, Obamacare will become fully implemented and effectuated, and Americans will cease being “free” in a normative sense. Our historical roots will be severed, and replaced with alien philosophy that very few can recognize, and even fewer can define.

It is the Hobson’s Choice of this generation: If the option is ANY Republican and Barack Obama, there is no option. None.

Yes, we would flourish with a constitutional conservative Republican President. In a pinch, though (and, boy, are we in a pinch!) I’ll take a RINO. We can survive a RINO. We cannot survive another four years of Barack Obama.