If there is one bit of electoral mythology that ought to go up in a poof of reality, is that Mitt Romney is the most “electable” Republican in the field. Here’s a guy whose been flat-out running for President for six years, spent a bazillion dollars on all manner of consultants, private jets, media flacks, advertising, stamps and catering, who went into the 2012 race with a stunning 24% of the early polling sewn up.

And now, all these years and dollars later, he’s got 24 POINT SIX percent of the vote sewn up.

What a blitzkrieg! What a landslide! Especially when you consider that Rick Santorum has spent roughly $197.20, and run his campaign out of a U-Haul.

The bottom line from my point of view? If Mitt Romney is “electable”, I’d sure like to know to what. He’s been elected exactly once to office, and his main nemesis, Darth Gingrich, won 10 congressional elections,  and innumerable leadership elections. Rick Perry has been elected to office so many times he’s been given a Fast Pass in Texas.

This time in Iowa, The Mittster received somewhere south of 29,000 caucus votes. What is that, $25,000 per vote, or what?

And, what’s most startling is that, after spending the Queen’s Dowry on blistering attack ads aimed at Newt Gingrich, the only numbers Romney moved were RICK SANTORUMS. How’s that for a campaign strategy? Imagine what such success would do to Barack Obama? Romney would spend hundreds of millions of dollars on dark, foreboding ads grimly illustrating what a stinker Barack Obama is, and all Romney would accomplish is shifting voters over to the Third Party Run of Ron Kook.

“Electable”, I guess means “Doesn’t scare the bejeepers out of the editorial board at the New York Times.” Or, maybe to the Smart Set, “Electable” means “self-funded”. Or, if you will, “rich”.

Boy, I dunno. I’m very pleased to see that all of the space aliens that Ron Paul bussed in from Planet Mongo-Mongo couldn’t push the old geezer’s walker over the finish line. I’m disappointed to see the thin numbers for Governor Perry. And, I am heartened to see that you can throw everything including the kitchen sink at Newt Gingrich, and there are still some hearty Iowans that will trudge miles through their frozen cornfields to vote for the guy.

Now: Onto New Hampshire, and the next glut of forgotten headlines!