Obama’s self-delusion was in high dudgeon the other day, when he let loose with a sanctimonious homily on Letterman about how a guy elected president represents “100% of the American People”. The subtext, of course, was that Mitt Romney –the cad– is only casting about trying to snare the 53% of Americans that might pay taxes, but only because they are millionaires and billionaires.

But what of this President? Certainly, I’ve never felt the man has represented me.

In fact, amongst my family, and the folks with whom I work, along with my immediate circle of friends and the people at church and so on, I can personally think of very few people Mr. Obama has gone out of his way to find commonality, let alone a representative spirit. He constantly trashes people like me, smears the values I hold, and has utter contempt for my hopes and dreams.

Mr. Obama and his fellow travelers are most at home in the hyper-urban environment of our largest, most congested cities, or in the faculty lounges of our stridently liberal universities. He looks distinctly ill-at-ease in a hard-hat, or next to a grain-silo, or amongst his own military. He clearly enjoys himself amongst effete intellectuals, pinched entertainers, professional athletes, and other folks who breathe the rarefied air of monied unreality.

Unreality, you see, is the commonality. That’s what he represents.

Whatever. The Old Adage of “Your Tire Track Point to those You Love” is a good aphorism when studying who Barack Obama really represents. Where has this President spent his time?  What places on the map does he actually represent?

Since his Inauguration in 2009, Mr. Obama made 203 official domestic Presidential Trips until the campaign season began in earnest on May 1, 2012. These are in contrast to party-related fund-raising trips, where his official capacity as the representative of the people is subordinated to his role of Campaigner-In-Chief (–Lord knows how many campaign trips the man has taken).

A quick look-see at these Official Trips draws the curtain back on who Mr. Obama thinks he “represents”:

(Blue = Traditional Democrat Stronghold,  Red = Traditional Republican Stronghold, Green = Battleground State)

Excluding Virginia, (19 official visits) and Maryland, (16 official visits), which are close to home for the President, which states have seen the honorific of the visitation by our Exulted Leader? Which states, according to Mr. Obama, contain the “100% of America”?

New York – 16 Official Visits

Pennsylvania – 15 Official Visits

Illinois – 10 Official Visits

Ohio – 10 Official Visits

Florida – 10 Official Visits

Colorado – 9 Official Visits

Iowa and Wisconsin – 8 Official Visits Each

Michigan, Nevada, Massachusetts, California and North Carolina – 7 Official Visits Each

Louisiana – 5 Official Visits

New Jersey and Texas – 4 Official Visits Each

New Hampshire, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Delaware, Arizona and Indiana – 3 Official Visits Each

Maine, West Virginia, Oregon, Connecticut, Alabama, and Hawaii – 2 Official Visits Each

Vermont, Puerto Rico, Oregon, New Mexico, Arkansas, Montana – 1 Official Visit

What is truly striking is the number of states Mr. Obama has not deigned to visit even once: Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah and South Carolina.

Of these states that Mr. Obama has failed to visit, you will note not one is a traditional “democrat” state.

So much for representing “100%” of America.

Of the 203 officially detailed Presidential Trips, 151 of them (or almost 75%) were to either deep, deep “Blue” states, or “battleground” states. Were it not for the tragedy of Ft. Hood, and of Gabby Giffords in Tuscon, Mr. Obama would have had no official business in Arizona, and would have visited Texas –home of 28,000,000 Americans– only twice. Iowa, with scarcely an eighth of the population, has had the joy of eight presidential visits.

Why would that be, I wonder?

Actually, I don’t.

The top 12 most-visited states account for nearly 65% of all Presidential visits. The remaining 38 states account for the rest.

Nearly thirty million people live in states that Mr. Obama has never deigned to set foot in at all while President. Another 62 million live in states the President has visited less than six hours. Meanwhile, he lavishes attention on friendly audiences and swing states. This man prattles on and on about making hard choices, and yet, he can’t seem to rally citizens in states he can’t carry electorally, and aren’t in lock-step with his authoritarian world-view. In fact, he doesn’t even try.

So much for his amazing powers of persuasion.

One might say he’s given up on the votes of some 90,000,000 red-state Americans. I don’t even need grainy audio from an illegally-taped conversation to know this. All I need is a copy of the Presidential Travel Manifest.

What a brazen schlub.