I know Governor Romney has every high-priced debate consultant in the Washington phone book on retainer. But, I hope they remember a couple of basics:

1) Answer Yes or No questions “Yes” or “No”. Don’t hesitate, don’t equivocate. Then:

2) Have four or five points you want to get across to the audience, and then get them across. Once you have quickly dispatched the question from the “moderator” with “Yes” or “No”,  or “That’s a good question, Bob”, then make the point you want to make:

3) For example, “That’s a Good Question, Bob, but what I’d like to know from President Obama, is why should we believe the promises he’s making today about deficit reduction, when he made the same promises four years ago, and the deficit is nearly six trillion dollars bigger today? Why should we believe him now?”


4) “Yes, Bob, I agree that we should breathe clean air. But, what I’d like to know from President Obama is: how is he going to shore up Medicare when Obamacare has stolen $810 billion dollars from it, and given it to people who haven’t paid one dime into any healthcare system?”

Hammer him. Don’t let up. Ignore the moderator’s questions to the extent you can. Get YOUR points out.

The lib moderators will be flacking for Obama.  They are in his corner. The game will be rigged. So, hammer Obama. Steamroller him. Be aggressive, be strong, be confident, be self-effacing. But crush him.

Be Presidential. It’s one thing Obama can’t do.