TRUTH #1:  Mitt Romney lost because he was Mitt Romney.

He didn’t lose because Barack Obama was an incumbent –three incumbent Presidents have lost in the last 36 years. Mitt Romney didn’t lose because he didn’t “attract” enough of the “Hispanic” vote. If he had captured unprecedented (say, 60-70%) of the “Hispanic” vote he still would have lost, at least according to the most up-to-date exit poll analysis. He didn’t lose because he lost the “women’s” vote, either. The Republicans haven’t taken a wave of women, I don’t think, since the days of Warren Harding.

And so forth. The fact is, Mitt Romney–the candidate– didn’t attract enough Americans.

Mitt Romney didn’t lose because there are now too many folks on the dole, too many of our fellow countrymen suckling at the Public Teat.

Woe is me, they all outnumber us now.

While this may be true, it is also true that we would have lost every election since about 1972 if every damned welfare or food stamp recipient showed up at the polls en mass, and smothered the system. But –thankfully so– just like these folks are typically too unmotivated to provide for themselves, they are also typically too unmotivated to register and vote. And they tend not to.

In sum: Mitt Romney didn’t lose because of is inability to attract these core Democrat constituencies.

He lost because he didn’t attract enough Republican (or even Libertarian) constituencies. The “Ross Perot” and “Ron Paul” voting blocks stayed home in droves, or voted for the marginal third-and-fourth party candidates. This was the only election since about 1968 when fewer voters voted in the most recent presidential election than voted in the previous one. Why are such vast swaths of conservative-leaning Americans so alienated from the process that they simply stay home on election day? I don’t care if these people are black, “Hispanic” (I keep putting the term “Hispanic” in quotation marks because –as this is post about “truth”– and the truth is that “Hispanic” is a made-up demographic invented by the Nixon administration), I don’t care if these folks are brown, or yellow, or tartan, while they wouldn’t vote for Obama again –they simply couldn’t vote FOR Mitt Romney. Period.

TRUTH #2: I fear Mitt Romney may have lost a significant amount of votes because of religious bigotry.

The pop-culture assault on the traditional American family, and it’s moral underpinnings –where a whole lot of people today get a kick out of Gay Chic, for example– has created a societal overlay that can now (in the full light of day) actually HATE Mormons for simply being fuddy-duddy straight-laced, button-down Mormon; and do with no fear of public reprisal, or even private shame.

TRUTH #3: The Republican Party, at least at the national level, has no Political Soul. It is now a wholly-owned creature of The Status Quo Ante. In this sense, it is dead.

This lack of commitment, this inability to articulate a  holistic vision about liberty, limited government, private personal property, free markets and wage creation, is also what has dispirited and alienated so many Americans. The Republicans, at least at the National level, made a bargain with the Devil sitting in Pinch Sulzberger’s office at the New York Times in about 2002, and in their supine obsequiousness, made the calculated gambit to be a majority party by watering down their philosophical core for good coverage in the mass entertainment and news media.

It was called “Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage”, and, as a political cudgel, it manifestly didn’t work. It was supposed to pull the “healthcare” issue off the Democrat plate, and put it on George Bush’s “Big Tent” trophy-shelf. Instead, it drove it’s ardent supporters underground (Rick Santorum, call your office), it ballooned Medicare spending, and had the despicable (if wholly predictable) result of stripping public frugality, thrift and prudence from the Republican brand.

When Republicans try to out-Democrat the Democrats, it’s like watching ballerinas on the defensive line in the NFL.

TRUTH #4: The Government of the United States is quickly going broke. And the general public has no sense of this reality.

We will hit the wall much sooner than most are predicting, and there is no one inside the Federal Government –at least from that Clown Posse in congress, or up a few blocks on the White House– who can forcefully articulate the scope of the impending collapse, much less deal with it.

Even the Chief Actuaries of Medicare, and Social Security say that the longest long-view of solvency disappears by 2025 (which, all you mathematical geniuses in the Democrat Party, is only 13 years away), at which point the vaults are empty, kaput. In all likelihood, by the magic of compound interest, we will hit the wall much sooner than that. Already, in the last three years, that date has been moved up from 2031 several times because of our lack of growth. Medicare, in fact, might run out of steam by 2018. If interest rates tick up even slightly (which is absolutely certain), it will happen even sooner. This is sooner than many automobile loans.

So, who wants to be the mailman when the checks don’t go out? Or, if they do, they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on? How long are folks on the Battlements going to stick around when their paychecks bounce? What happens when we can’t make our interest payments to those kindly folks in Red China?

TRUTH #5: The biggest threat to the American way of life is the amount of people that derive their livelihoods –not their welfare transfers– from government spending.

Teachers, retained governmental consulting counsel, environmental engineers, asphalt contractors, prison designers, bond consultants, bond traders, defense scientists, university maintenance workers, policemen, health department inspectors, park rangers, grant writers, grant recepients, public school administrators, student advocates, municipal bus drivers, public safety officers, IRS agents, civil engineers, road striping contractors, prison maintenance personnel, federal ski patrollers, mowing contractors, fleet services personnel, and on and on–

America spends nearly $20 billion each day– because America WANTS to spend $20 billion each day. The food-stamp recipients and the welfare queens are part of the problem, no doubt: But so are the millions and millions of federal, state, and local governmental employees -many of whom are receiving gold-plated, pearl-handled, mink-covered retirement pensions after only twenty years of service– who put food on the table at the expense of their neighbors in the private sector.

So sorry. As Dilbert might say, it’s not healthy to digest too much truth all at once. You might get some of it on your shirt.