This is a video I made from the few pictures I was able to take at the Tampa Town Hall last night. I was one of those stuck outside. The words n the music say “The God who gave us Life, gave us Liberty at the same time. The hand of force may destroy, but shall not disjoin them!”

Keep standing!

Here is my report:
I was approaching the meeting as people were coming the other way saying the meeting was already closed and they were turned away(right at 6 pm). But I persevered and was in the flow as the line move around the building. I was able to get almost to the doors when police said no one else could go in – even to the air conditioned anteroom. Throughout the hour they continued to not let anyone in even though others were coming out.

Yes there was chanting out side from both sides – “read the bill!” “Obama! “Just say NO!” “Public Option!” “Bring it outside!”

If there were opponents banging on windows as has been reported, it must have been on the other side of the building, where reportedly supporters were being let in the back door.

Yes, half of the room was reserved for SEIU.

If there was violence, from everything I have seen, it all came from ObamaCare supporters.

I saw one man come out to try to make a police report. He was right in front of me. His shirt was half torn off and he had a large deep scratch on his chest. Said someone inside twisted his arm, ripped his watch off. I could not hear what he said about his shirt and the scratch. I later learned that he was forcibly pushed out the doors to the actually meeting room before the doors were closed to people in the anteroom even being able to hear and see. He is the one in the green shirt by the closed doors in the last video* below (this video is also on Eric’s blog – I put it here for reference).

I was confronted by two ObamaCare supporters who demanded why I could not find a GOP town hall to attend. I told them that as a citizen of Tampa, Florida and America I had every right to be there. They kept a running “what a bunch of hired goons” commentary going behind me.

Another supporter with a handmade ObamaCare sign asked me a question. When I tried to answer she violently slapped my hand and told me to “stop trying to put out her eye with my f**ing finger!”. My finger WAS pointed but my hand was at MY waist next to MY body.

The crowd outside was very large and I would say at least 3/1 Obamacare opponents. I can’t report on inside but was told by others I knew who made it in that it was a complete farce. Castor did not answer any questions and left 30 minutes into the meeting by the backdoor.

The meeting was supposed to run from 6-8. Police told us to disperse at approximately 7:10. The actual words were –

“We need you to clear the premises so the people inside are able to exit”

My interpretation – “Americans – get out of the way so the select few can leave safely!”

Many continued to stand in front of the building. I am waiting for the 10 pm news to see how this is reported.

In the words of my soon coming protest song – “I will not apologize, I will not sit down. I will fight for freedom’s cause and beat this tyranny down!”

This video from Fox News Tampa shows me at the beginning in the white jacket n the middle. The woman standing behind with long blond hair, sign held high saying “We want public option” is the one who slammed my hand. By the way – I am fully expecting my pick slip from the school district when they see I was there.

*Last a powerful video from You Tube that happened INSIDE.