Cash for Clunkers- saw where Chrsler claims cash for clunkers is causing them to add shifts. The lucky plants produce Dodge Ram,Town & Country, and a Jeep. Save for the Town &Country(the plant also produces the VW Toureg). Question is what were traded in,locomotives? The above vehicles are not right up there in the fuel economy stakes. Does anyone know if over the years there has been an adjustment to the methodology used to calculate vehicle fuel efficiency?

New topic.

Obama and cleaning the mess that he claims. Who would he be reffering to? If health care mess that really started with the Democrats and wage controls.

Financial mess, well that would be Larry Summers,Genslar from CFTC, and Rubin that talked Clinton into signing 2000 Commodity Futures whatever Act after they had convinced him that it was a good idea not to regulate credit derivatives and such. Rubin as head of Citi how much did he walk away with. Let’s start reminding Barry of the truth when he comes out with these blame the other guys routine.

Let’s not forget  Geithner at the NY Fed.

Speaking of NY Fed. how about this quote:” But addressing those issues during the boom would have required the supervisor to absorb attacks that reining in some of these practices would make it more difficult for some low- and moderate-income households to become homeowners for the first time.”

This is from William Dudley  Chief executive of the New York Fed. appointed by Barry to replace aforementioned Geithner.

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