In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama won election despite promises to do things that would hurt the economy.

ACORN was one of the first clues that he had connections to bad people.

Or maybe you were an informed voter and knew of his Chicago Politics

You wanted a Conservative Candidate and watched as Florida, without punishment, stole the election and gave it to McCain.

In the end we suffered huge and lost.

We got mad as GM was given to the Unions at cost of investors and shareholders.

Then a stream of bad news Cash for Clunkers which reduced the spare parts available, Beergate where Obama practiced racism for his Professor friend, the entire Obamacare disaster, the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster and other such issues…

Twitter, Redstate, blogs, forums, Facebook, Radio, TV… we were loud but there was no effect.

A rally cry was heard, on a finance program … and enter the Tea Parties. For a while it worked, we got a landslide in 2010…

Then what we only recently learned … they were neutered via the IRS, big rallies happened, but our ability to sustain was reduced by Dick Morris and then Mitt Romney.

We watch as our “Leaders”give everything to Obama… Debt Ceiling hikes, a pass on Libya, funding continuations for Obamacare and soon.. immigration reform (aka gifts for illegals).

And so here we are, you are angry, hurt, but dazed. How do you make the change you want? How do you getthe candidates you want? Will our Nation fall for want of a hero?


But you cry … I give money, I vote, I attend rallies and I put up yard signs…

I am telling you that will not cut it.

You are confused, but you NEED change…

I am here to offer that change. Look I will be blunt… It is in the interests of the Democrats and the Establishment Republicans that your voice be quiet, that you vent in a manner that does not harm them and then that you give efforts for “the lesser of two evils”.

It does not meed to be this way. I and a like minded group of Conservative Activists have victories against these foes. We and others like us have found a way to make change we believe in.

The victories against the Establishment are growing in States such as Wisconsin, Ohio, S. Carolina, Arizona (where our post ColdWarrior played a pivotal role), and even recently Oregon. This incomplete list glosses over too many battles, what the results of those fights were, and more.

But Mark my words: The Establishment is scared of us and we are getting closer to a Party takeover.

Look I am a Disabled Veteran with a crappy job. Yet I am making a difference. I ask not for even a Weekend a month like we have of our brave National Guard and Reserves. Unlike Rove and others I do not ask for money. I do not ask you to lick envelopes or to ferry the elderly.

I ask you to merely email me some contact information, Name, State, Phone Number. I will forward this to an activist, a grass roots activist (No astroturfing here Pelosi!), who will talk with you about what you can do to aid in our fight. They will not ask for money, nor to support any candidate. They may mention issues in your area … you are allowed to decide entirely what suits you. We will not pressure you, we are not salesmen trying to sell ice in a blizzard in Alaska… WE ARE THE TEA PARTY AND WE HAVE A VOICE, WILL YOU JOIN US AND HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD AS WELL?

Only Conservatives need apply… if you are a weak kneed, bow to your superiors moderate or a unholier than thou liberal then we do not have time for you.

Email me at [email protected] if you wish to makes waves and change the path of our nation!