Unfortunately, Senator McCaskill “represents” me in the Senate.  The following is my response to her canned response to me.

I appreciate your response to my letter about Cap and Trade.  However, the response did not address any of my concerns, seemingly a canned piece.
I have an engineering degree and know science when I see it.  Global Warming is not.
I have researched the issue, which, judging from your response, you have not.

1.  There is NOT a consensus on the issue.  There are thousands of scientists who disagree.

2.   The model used to predict warming was constructed by throwing out data from earlier periods which did not fit.  Such a model should never have been taken seriously by any ethical scientist.  I can make a model to predict anything you want if you let me throw out what doesn’t fit!

3.  Recent data contradicts the model.  See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/5955955/Weather-records-are-a-state-secret.html

4.  Such legislation is economic suicide since nations like China and India are not going to do it.

5.  The real agenda behind Cap and Trade is under-the-table taxation and drastically increased government control.

I suggest you do two things:

a) Research the issue and think for yourself.

b) Listen to your constituents.

Gary Horne