Last week’s Democrat Convention may have been enjoyed by haters, radical abortionists, or masochists, but it demonstrated the failure of the party to live up to its name, especially with the “God vote” fiasco where the NOs were overruled by the teleprompter.  After all, this is the party for which it is OK for the dead to vote without showing ID.  So, it is time for a change of name, here are some suggestions:

The Hate and Anger Party
Much of the time at the Democrat Convention was taken up by angry shouting from the podium.  They must have been trying to wake up all those dead voters before the election.  Perhaps they are just angry that the rest of us don’t appreciate their superiority, or that we would rather not subsidize Sandra Fluke’s sex life.  They are certain we don’t have the civility of a  Maxine Waters, Alan Grayson, or Al Sharpton.  We would rather push old ladies off the cliff.  At least we don’t want to kill the other candidate!

The Planet Zumar Party
Debbie Wasserman Schultz isn’t the only Democrat in an alternate universe. Only in that alternate universe are the fictional facts coming from the podium true.  Only on Planet Zumar can men of character like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney be evil villains while Chappaquiddick Teddy and the lecherous Bill Clinton be candidates for political sainthood.  On Planet Zumar they are better off than 4 years ago and millions of new jobs have been created.

The Parasite Party
The hall in Charlotte echoed with code-words like “fair share,” “shared responsibility,” and “we’re all in this together.”  Of course, they didn’t dare say, “We believe in robbing the productive to buy some more votes.”  (They may need some more this time.)
If there is any defining “principle” of the Democrat Party, it is creating more parasites who depend on the party to extort money for them.  Only on Planet Zumar is spreading the wealth around good for everybody.

The Bankruptcy Party
Not satisfied with the covered-wagon pace both parties have been proceeding down the road to national bankruptcy, the Democrats have fired up the new Big-O red Ferrari and roared down the road.  Maybe that’s what “Forward” really means.  Not content with bankrupting the country, their regulations, mandates, and Washington-knows-best attitude have driven many a business out of business.

The God is Dead Party
The loud NO votes against even a passing reference to God in the platform was certainly an eye-opener, especially in a country where most voters believe in God.  The ACLU must be proud.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan, included at the last minute because he was at the RNC, probably is not.  Kudos to the Cardinal for standing up for moral principles while in enemy territory.

The Hoax Party
As Clint Eastwood said:

President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.

The Deep Bow Party
The administration’s posture on yesterday’s riot and murder in the middle east is no surprise, coming from a President who bends over backwards to placade Islam and bows forward to world leaders (must be a bad back).  Undoubtably he is getting good advice from the Democrat “experts” on foreign policy like John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Hilary Clinton.  Foreign relations are expected to improve next year when he has “more flexibility.”

The Lawyers’ Party
Presidential candidates in the party of John Edwards always seem to be lawyers.  All the better to pass 2000-page laws nobody wants.  In return for all those political contributions, the party ensures Americans have the “right” to play the “Sue and Win the Jackpot game.”

The Mara Party
Mara is the Buddhist evil one, the personification of what is in all human beings which prevent the living of a virtuous life.  Mara would try to prevent anyone from following the Five Precepts (rules of training) to refrain from: (1) Destroying living beings (2) Taking what is not given (3) wrongdoing in sexual desires (4) Speaking falsely, and (5) taking intoxicants.  Mara seems to have influenced the heroes of the Democrat Party, who have violated all of these.  Most are violated by the platform, and the statements and actions of prominent Democrats seem to be in line with Mara.

The Il Duce Party
The way The One frequently sticks his nose up in the air and his head slightly to one side is nearly identical to Mussolini.  An apt analogy for the party which trumpets the idea the we all belong to government, just as in Benito’s fascist Italy where the state was everything:

All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

The Il Duce Party is not getting my vote, nor are any of the others.  The list of new names could be longer.  No doubt Red Staters can come up with some other good ideas.