I don’t get it. Why should Iowa & New Hampshire be allowed to exert such a huge influence on the selection of Presidential Candidates? What makes these two states so special? Why do all the other states acquiesece to this travesty ? Who selected the people of Iowa and New Hampshire as the official arbiters of the selection of our potential presidents? We all know the story: the candidates and media fawn over and kow -tow to the citizens of these two states, the selection is made and the victor obtains a great advantage over the other candidates. The winners of these two early primaries gain such momentum that the voters in next series of primaries are greatly influenced. An often insurmountable inertia is gathered. The voices of the Iowans and New Hampshirites are greatly exagerated giving them undeserved influence in this momentous decision. These two states influence the voters and the outcomes in the succeeding primaries thereby diminishing the importance of those primaries. Voters should think for themselvesand not be swayed by the outcome of votes in other states. That’s why the actual election is held on a single day. (Early voting is undermining and damaging the integrity of our elections.) If a single primary day is not possible at least a Super Tuesday type of primary day should be the first primary day. This could be achieved through various states working together to coordinate their primaries with the Iowa caucuses. That is, if Iowa cannot be forced to stop this game other states could simply schedule their primaries on the same date. Some influence from the RNC could help.