Politico ran an article earlier today about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his expenses while he was a U.S. Attorney.  Apparently, according to a Department of Justice Inspector General’s report, he spent $2,176 over allowable government expenses over the course of 23 trips.  That amounts to about $95 per trip.  For example, they note that he went over the government allowance for a stay at The Four Seasons hotel in Washington, DC.  This report is so telling about Obama and the Democrats.  Obviously, they see Christie as either a threat or a serious gadfly come 2012.

     This is not news.  This was addressed during the gubernatorial campaign in 2009 and apparently the voters of New Jersey accepted the explanation, or viewed it as much ado about nothing.  Living in New Jersey and voting for Christie, I viewed it as much ado about nothing.  Perhaps now that the Republicans have control of the House, Issa can investigate the Obama or Pelosi travel expenditures.  My guess is that Obama spends $2,176 of the taxpayer’s money moving Air Force One on the runway 200 feet to fly out to Washington or Nevada to save the hide of Harry Reid or Patty Murray.  Seriously- if this is the best they can do to tarnish the image of Christie, they are really a party in desperation.

    What is troubling about this is the fact that the Democrats, through the Department of Justice, are acting paranoid and very Nixonesque.  Placed in its proper context alongside another story about the Democratic Party investigating communications between potential 2012 Republican candidates and the Department of Defense, it would appear that their smear campaign against Republicans began on November 3, 2010.  This is very much like the big “controversy” in New Jersey generated by the union-backed Democratic Party and their initial analysis that the Christie executive branch is spending more than his Democratic predecessor, Jon Corzine, and that Christie had more members paid at $100,000 or more than Corzine.  That raised the antenna of the Democratic attack machine in New Jersey until the errors of their numbers were pointed out to them.  Again, much ado about nothing…and quite misleading at that.

     The Democratic Party and Obama are running scared right now.  They are like cornered raccoons striking back. Wouldn’t it be great to see a Christie-Obama debate?  And obviously, they don’t take Christie at face value when he has repeatedly and consistently stated he has no intentions of running for national office in 2012.  Leaving no stone unturned, they are bringing out the attack dogs- the Department of Justice.  What’s next?  An IRS audit of potential Republicans in 2012?  Uncovering a 10-year-old tape where Christie admits to being a warlock years ago?  Maybe we should pin Christie down regarding his thoughts about masturbation?

      Whether it is Christie or not, this White House regime needs to be retired in 2012.  They are an embarrassment to the country, let alone their Party.  In the meantime, let them keep digging their hole.  They finally found something they are actually good at.  Unfortunately, Nixon did this 40 years ago.