Seizing upon the Akin controversy, the Democratic Convention- a/k/a Obama Lovefest ’12- will feature some, um, interesting speakers. Besides the likely inclusion of First Lady and First Stumpjumper, Michelle Obama, they have former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm whose achievements as Governor are dubious at best, yet she continues to be mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee should a vacancy occur. Then there is Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California who is so far to the left in a left state that she is in the Pacific Ocean. Not to be outdone, Wisconsin Congresswoman and openly lesbian likely loser to Tommy Thompson for the Senate seat in Wisconsin will also speak and likely somehow make, besides abortion, gay marriage a feminist issue. Then there is Tammy Duckworth, Caroline Kennedy and the part-Cherokee (we think) Senatorial candidate in Massachusetts- Elizabeth Warren- to spew her usual liberal drivel at a national audience. And just in case she does not do the job, we have Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Perhaps the weirdest additions to the speaker list are NARAL Pro-Choice Chairwoman Nancy Keenan and Planned Parenthood leader Cecile Richards. Wait- I forgot because it gets weirder. There will also be Eva Longoria, a Hollywood actress and personality, who will give her unique take on politics. But to really underscore the strangeness of the Democratic convention, we will hear from such luminaries as Lilly Ledbetter (who has a law named after her) and last, but certainly least, there will be the infamous Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law school student who wants her free (that is, government paid) contraception damn it!

The purpose of this list of “illustrious” female speakers is to hammer home the fact, in their liberal minds, that the Republican Party is anti-woman. In the collective minds of the Democrats, Republicans and conservatives are nothing short of troglodytes when it comes to women. They will portray the GOP as being so out of step with issues of vital concern to women that no Republican, least of all Mitt Romney, deserves the vote of a rational woman or man in 2012. By logical extension, should anyone vote for Romney, they would be out of step with America at large and irrational. After all, Obama may be the candidate with “that funny name,” but Romney is the candidate “of that funny religion.”

But, the Democrats do so at their own peril. The fact remains that in practically every poll from sources of various political ideologies, the number one issue facing the voters is the economy. Personally, I cannot wait to see how using my tax money or using my insurance premium payments to pay for Sandra Fluke’s Nova-Ring will help the economy. Or how my tax money used to support Planned Parenthood will decrease the “budget” deficit and national debt. It behooves me to see the connection between abortion rights and putting more money in my pocket, more gas in my tank, or more food on the table,and more savings in my bank account.

This is the pitfall of the Democratic Party and liberals in general. Of course, an abortion can only be performed on a woman. But, because of that biological fact, they make the erroneous conclusion that ALL women must be in favor or abortion. If not, then they must be “irrational.” The concept of a pro-life woman is alien to liberals. Not too long ago, one of Obama’s attack dogs questioned the “legitimacy” of stay at home mothers because in their minds, every woman must want to go to college, get a good paying job, and God forbid a little thing like an unplanned pregnancy get in the way of that career path. That is why abortion, to them, must be an option.

However, I seriously doubt that the majority of women in this country sit around thinking about abortion. That is not to say that they have not formed opinions in their minds, but it certainly does not dominate their political thought processes. It is an ancillary consideration at best. That is because, at it its root, the Democratic Party and liberals are sexist in their beliefs, just as they are racist. In their minds, it is painfully obvious that all women are in support of abortion rights and that this is the predominant issue for them. To the liberal/Democrat, their view of women is nothing more than a sexist stereotype. One can almost guarantee that if women of voting age were polled right now and asked what they are most worried about at this given moment, abortion rights will not get too many votes. Conversely, I can guarantee that most will respond based on an economic issue- their child’s education, paying the grocery bill or utility bills, keeping a roof over their heads, how much gas to put in the tank, etc.

In reality, the women being trotted before the Democratic Party’s delegates in Charlotte, North Carolina will be preaching to the choir. The fact is that the GOP is not going to garner a large share of the “feminist,” pro-choice, or gay vote any way. In fact, looking at the female speakers at both conventions, it is hard to see the accomplishments of several of the Democratic ones. What has Sandra Fluke accomplished or Nancy Keenan, Eva Longoria, Lilly Ledbetter or Cecile Richards. For that matter, what has Caroline Kennedy accomplished besides having an iconic last name? Granted, we can give her credit for her law degree and Columbia University education, but her claim to fame is being the only living child of John F. Kennedy. Compare that list with the list of women speakers in Tampa- all women who have actually achieved something that does not include community organizing and single-issue advocacy. The name Sandra Fluke cannot be mentioned in the same breath as a Condi Rice, let alone a Nikki Haley or Susana Martinez.

To paraphrase the very eel-like James Carville circa 1992, “Its the economy, stupid.” This tactic of cashing in on the so-called gender gap based on abortion as the defining issue for women is a losing proposition. The lamestream media is quick to point out this gap in every analysis of every poll they trot out. But like Obama being ignorant of a rising unemployment rate and “finding the silver lining” there, the bottom line is that despite these alleged gaps, Mitt Romney is ahead in many states that Obama won in 2008 and bringing more states into play that Obama took for granted at the beginning of 2012. Unlike the Democrats and liberals, as a conservative I have a higher view of women making rational electoral decisions and not having that decision defined by the issue of abortion.

So, we will be watching with amusement when these illustrious women rise to give their speeches. One can only hope the fact checkers do as terrible a job as they did in Tampa this past week.

Most importantly, I cannot believe I actually figured this disqus thing out.