Recently, Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union, penned an article in the New York Daily News available here.  In the article, she makes two profoundly inaccurate and misleading statements to make the “plight” of illegal immigrants a leading cause.  Although arguing for a spending bill which would not fund a wall on the southern border nor increase ICE and Border Patrol appropriations, she states:

…these Agencies are responsible for separating families at the border…terrorizing immigrant communities throughout the country with warrantless searches, keeping innocent children locked up and away from their families for months…and using local law enforcement as pawns in their efforts to detain and deport immigrants and refugees.

It is hard to begin where this statement is so blatantly false.  The separating of families at the border and the reason for it deserve no further explanation on this website.  Immigration enforcement is now “warrantless searches” to Ms. Lieberman and she, of course, has to use loaded emotional language like “terrorizing.”  As for the use of local law enforcement, she leaves out an important word before the word “immigrants-” illegal.  And refugees are basically guests in this country subject to the laws of this country.  Break those laws and you lose your welcome.

But, this dolt of a lawyer goes further with this statement:

There are multiple accounts of sexual abuse by ICE and Border Patrol agents as well as deaths in detention due to lack of medical or psychological care.

By this, one assumes she is a referring to an overlooked story from May, 2018.  Then, through a Freedom of Information Act request by the ACLU in San Diego, it was found that there were cases of deaths and sexual and physical abuse against detainees.  But in typical liberal fashion, she leaves out a very important fact.  These alleged incidents occurred between 2009 and 2014.  Put another way, they occurred under the administration of Barack Obama.

Perhaps the final straw in her lunacy is this quote:

When CPB agents fired tear gas at screaming mothers and their children, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand demanded that those responsible be held accountable.  This type of DHS-sanctioned behavior cannot be rewarded with a raise.

When conservative outlets like the Washington Times and the Washington Examiner noted the use of tear gas at the border under the Obama administration, there was nary a word.  Enter the fact checkers at the liberal Washington Post.  To their surprise, they discovered that the Border Patrol used tear gas on illegal immigrants trying to enter the country an average of 1.3 time per month from 2012 to 2016.  But, Ms. Lieberman and her ilk were surprisingly silent.

When those 300 or so members of the Central American invasion force caravan decided to charge the gates, wires, canals and walls at the border and were met by tear gas, they deserved their just reward.  That includes the foolish mothers who put their children in potential danger.  Perhaps a few more incidents like this will show that this President means business when it comes to curtailing the blatant flaunting of violating immigration laws.

Some of the blame falls on the NGOs, the “immigrant rights” groups, the religious organizations and myriad of other Leftist groups for duping these people into believing that Trump will back down and they will get a free pass into the country.  The gullibility and stupidity of those duped should be grounds enough to keep them out of this country.

This writer has no pity for people who deliberately and so blatantly challenge the sovereignty of this country and our laws.  The mainstream media can “imbed” their reporters all they want with these people and plead their case and trot out every sad-sack story in the book.  But for every legitimate asylum seeker, there are likely many, many more who saw an opportunity to circumvent our immigration laws simply because they were told they could.

Compare this pity for the tear gassing of “women and children” with the stark reality that faces America with unchecked enforcement at the border with the case of Henri Salvador Gutierrez, an MS-13 member from El Salvador.  He was the leader of a group that savagely killed a 17-year-old in Lynn, Massachusetts.  He bragged in jail how they bludgeoned the victim with a machete “dicing him like a cow.”  Five weeks prior to the murder, despite ample evidence he was a gang member (twice previously arrested for carrying a knife, and once for a machete), this future paragon of virtue claimed he wore a blue and white bandana because it was his favorite team’s colors.  The “503” tattooed on his back was the area code of his beloved home country- a country he loved so much that he fled and entered this country illegally.  Despite this evidence, the judge allowed him out of jail and five weeks later, a teenager was hacked to death.

Meanwhile back at the border, the mayor of Tijuana has been calling for the arrest of the caravan organizers.  These “peaceful” migrants have clashed with police and are leaving behind a trail of filth and disease in an already filthy city.  A report out of California shows that 63% of illegal immigrants in that state receive some kind of welfare support.  Yet, we are told these are the people of America’s future, that immigrants helped build this country (they did, but they entered legally) and all the other bleeding heart drivel that comes from the mouths of the Left.

The Statue of Liberty- which many liberals believe to be immigration law and policy- says “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…”  It says nothing about receiving gangbangers, the diseased and the bloodsuckers of welfare programs.  It says nothing about storming the border and throwing rocks and bottles at Border Patrol agents.  It says nothing about running with a child in your arms in an attempt to rush the border for some photo opportunity.  It says nothing about accepting the dredges and refuse of other nations.

As for Lieberman and her ilk, spare us the pity.  Better yet, save the pity for Herson Rivas- the 17-year-old in Lynn, Massachusetts who had his life snuffed out by a machete.