Stacey Abrams lost the 2018 Governor’s race in Georgia, although she and many of her people of color cohorts think otherwise.  For example, Kamala Harris is running about the country citing the fact she should be the rightful Governor of that state.  When any African-American loses a relatively close race, their natural fallback is to hurl charges of racism.  In the case of Abrams, she is claiming that many blacks and Latinos were denied their right to vote.  However, there is a more ominous case of minority voter suppression which Abrams and her supporters on the Left refuse to talk about.

Heart disease is considered the number one killer in the black community snuffing out over 2.7 million African-American lives since 1973.  But, there is a larger killer of black lives- abortion.  Since 1973, it is estimated that 15.5-17 million future black voters have been killed in the womb.  Minority women make up 13% of the US population, but account for 36% of all abortions.  In New York City, the number of abortions by black women exceeds the black birth rate.

More than voting laws or alleged rogue police gunning down “innocent black people,” abortion is a racist institution.  We can argue about history and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and the nation’s largest abortion provider, and we know that Sanger was an avowed racist who would have fit in quite well in Nazi Germany.  And despite what they say, her progeny in the abortion industry and Planed Parenthood are carrying on her racist legacy with aplomb.  Obviously, not all people who support abortion are racists just as there are racists among pro-life people, but none of those facts circumvents the undeniable reality that black women abort their babies at three times the rate of non-hispanic white women.

And the top killer of black babies is Planned Parenthood.  Nationally, only 2-4% of Zip Codes are black-majority ones, yet 10% of high volume abortion clinics run by Planned Parenthood are in these Zip Codes.  Clinics in zip codes where the majority are non-white (about 15% of all US communities) account for the placement of 40% of abortion clinics.

Of course, Planned Parenthood will explain that they are providing a necessary service for black women living in poverty and that is why they place their clinics where they do.  But, poverty cannot be the reason for the simple fact that black women who fall below the poverty line are accountable for 14% of the abortions whereas white women below the poverty line account for 11% of abortions.  In periods where Title X funding increased and those living below the poverty line decreased, the number of unintended pregnancies among black women increased.  Planned Parenthood is provided with about $500 million every year by the government for contraceptive services and other women’s health services.  Given the high unintended pregnancy rate among black women and resulting abortions, this obviously is money NOT well spent.

Even Planned Parenthood’s own statistics show that even though blacks make up about 18% of the US population, they accounted for 40% of all abortions performed.  Yet, the Democratic Party has people like Stacey Abrams who, while running for governor of Georgia, declared that she was going to be loud and proud over her support for abortion.  She gladly accepted thousands from Planned Parenthood and other women’s rights groups.

One need look no further than history and the Democratic Party to determine why.  After all, they were the party of Dred Scott and of slavery.  To them, they and only they get to decide what human life is.  It is echoed in the words of candidates like Buttigieg and O’Rourke.  You can hear it in the words of people like Rashida Tlaib who associates with people who refer to Jews as descendants of apes and pigs.  It was evident in the words of Ralph Northam and the actions of Andrew Cuomo.  We have the Democratic legislator in Ohio who wanted black women exempt from that state’s fetal heartbeat law so that they can continue to abort their babies.

Their disgusting disregard of innocent human life should and hopefully will be a theme of President Trump as he runs for reelection in 2020.  The Democrats are facing a Republican opponent not afraid to speak inconvenient truths when it comes to black America, nor is he averse to currying their votes. They can rant about Charlottesville until Abrams is back on the dairy farm, but it is groups like the Congressional Black Caucus and every “pro-choice” Democrat in the presidential mixing bowl who are the true racists.

Abortionists, since 1973, have literally killed more blacks than the KKK or any other group has in the past.  In Abrams’ very own Georgia, over 56% of all abortions are black babies.  Yet, she has the nerve to blame voter suppression on something else!

The brainwashing and hoodwinking by the Left has paid dividends.  Pre-Roe, a majority of blacks OPPOSED abortion.  Today, about 70% of the black community supports abortion without restrictions.  With perhaps the most pro-life President since Reagan, these statistics seem tailor-made for Trump.  Forcing the Democratic Party to confront the stark realities that they openly support what amounts to genocide against the black community is s stark, visceral message.  Every speech he gives should feature an image of a black baby in the womb on the podium.

As one civil rights leader said, if the trend is not reversed, African-Americans will become an endangered species in America.  Is this the legacy the Democrats wish to ultimately leave behind for blacks?  Their token support in words and worthless for-show deeds like supporting slavery reparations pales in comparison to the genocide being inflicted on the black community.  A black man is shot and killed by police and there are demonstrations in the streets.  Yet, over 800 black babies are aborted EVERY DAY in this country and we hear nary a whisper.

If Abrams wants to talk about voter suppression, perhaps she should first consider the number of potential black voters thrown in the medical waste heap in Georgia since 1973.  It is an irrefutable fact the black community, save for a few brave souls, will not and cannot confront because their placement on the Democratic plantation is well-secured.