Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., gives his opening statement as former special counsel Robert Mueller testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Jerrold Nadler thinks he is a slick politician.  But when your whole motivation for doing anything is to pander to your base, grandstand politically, and based on hatred of the legally and duly elected President of the United States, you are destined for abject failure.

Let’s face the facts: $25 million in investigative costs, thousands of subpoenas and interviews across several countries failed to produce squat against Trump by St. Robert of Mueller.  Even the so-called obstruction accusations have hit the hard, cold wall of reality.  But has this stopped Nadler?

Nadler is simply itching to preside over an impeachment inquiry to bolster his own sense of self-worth and relevancy.  His latest line of investigations on spurious charges from a second-hand “whistleblower” is all the news these days.  A malcontent, or possibly malcontents within the intelligence community (one assumes) got their knickers in a twist over a phone call between two world leaders.

Nadler’s latest inquiry and the ground rules for an impeachment inquiry without calling it such per se were approved along strictly partisan lines.  Staffers may interview witnesses but only after committee members have questioned them.  Anyone who has ever seen these question-and-answer sessions realizes there is a whole lot of grandstanding speeches and precious few questions and answers.

Because it is phrased and introduced as a House Oversight Committee resolution, it does not require the approval of the full House.  In other words, despite the reported misgivings of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Nadler is granted de facto free reign.  Some media outlets have reported that Pelosi is against the move since it will force vulnerable freshman Democrats in the House to take a stand and place them in jeopardy come 2020.

That is pure bulls***!  Pelosi is known as the consummate politician who rules with a veritable iron hand.  She put Nadler in charge of this Committee and she bears ultimate responsibility for Nadler’s actions.

There are not nearly enough votes in the House to vote for impeachment.  There are currently 235 Democrats in the House.  About 100 are on the record for impeachment.  That is still less than 50% of just the Democrats.  There are, to the best of this writer’s knowledge, no Republicans on board with impeachment (except Justin Amash).

Even if we assume against incredible odds that the House votes for impeachment.  What then?  The answer is simple: it dies a very quick and ugly death in the Senate.  And even Nadler, whose IQ may approximate his shoe size, knows this.  This whole charade is simply political gamesmanship that will backfire on the rotund congressman.  Yes…he will likely be reelected from his district since a piece of cow dung with a “D” next to its name on the ballot would also win in Nadler’s district.

However, Nadler’s move offers up Trump a golden opportunity to produce another “I told you so” scenario.  It is why Trump welcomes and relishes a vote on impeachment.  Nadler’s hope is that he can inflict a wound by a thousand small cuts and draw impeachment hearings, or whatever he calls them, into the 2020 general election campaign.  He knows full well he has an obedient and compliant press in his corner.

More importantly, Trump knows he has a large swath of the American voting public in his corner.  They do not care about a phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian leader.  Most of the voting public does not even know where Ukraine is let alone who their leader is.  And they care even less whether during that phone call the name of Joe or Hunter Biden was mentioned.  I would venture that more Americans if they are interested at all, are more likely to wonder why Joe or Hunter Biden’s name was mentioned.  That is perhaps one rabbit hole Nadler wishes to avoid which might explain all the secrecy over the identity of this “whistleblower.”

So bring on impeachment, Fat Jerry!  Trump has called the bluff of Nadler and Schiff many times now and they have proven themselves to be the lying jackasses they are.  This writer hopes that all those vulnerable Democrats- freshmen or not- are put on the record.

For people so hell-bent on undoing a legitimate election and pointing an accusatory finger at President Trump, one thing becomes obvious.  All of their efforts are based on hatred and hatred is an emotion.  And emotions will be their electoral undoing in 2020.