Democrat Presidential Odds- An October Update

FILE – In this May 18, 2019, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks at a house party campaign stop in Rochester, N.H. Rising disagreement among congressional Democrats over whether to pursue impeachment of President Donald Trump has had little effect on the party’s presidential candidates, who mostly are avoiding calls to start such an inquiry. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

It has been a while since this writer last checked in with the oddsmakers when it comes to the 2020 Democrat Party nominee to take on President Trump come 2020.  This collection of socialist misfits is slowly dwindling.  With such heavyweights like Eric Swalwell,  John Hicklenhooper (I am going to miss typing that name), Seth Moulton, Kirsten Gillibrand, and everybody’s favorite Communist Bill deBlasio either officially dropping out or suspending their campaigns, that still leaves a whole lot of crazy left in the field.  And there have been some changes.  So without further ado:

#10. Robert Francis (Call Me Beto) O’Rourke at 101:1 (formerly #9 at 37:1)

No matter how many outlandish pranks or Tweets and no matter how many luncheonette counters jumped upon, poor Beto just keeps dropping.  The Democrat’s younger Great White Dope is in danger of dropping out of the top ten, although #11- one-trick pony Tom Steyer- has a long way to catch up to O’Rourke.  Still, he should just cash it in and go back to Texas and relax with a bottle of tequila.

#9. Amy Klobuchar at 80:1 (formerly unranked)

The fact that Klobuchar is back in the top ten and ahead of O’Rourke just shows how bad it is for O’Rourke.  A Minnesota senator who brings absolutely nothing to the table other than possibly an audition for a cabinet position in a mythical Democrat administration makes her re-appearance here.

#8. Corey Booker at 74:1 (formerly #8 at 32:1)

First, the good news: he did not drop from the #8 spot.  Now the bad news: he did not rise from the #8 spot and, in fact, his odds worse than doubled.  He is gaining absolutely no traction and has to make a decision soon since the filing deadline for his Senate seat is quickly approaching.  Considering he is going nowhere fast, perhaps that is weighing on his mind.  That…and the fact he has made a bigger fool of himself than most expected.

#7. Tulsi Gabbard at 54:1 (formerly #7 at 23:1)

Like Booker behind her, she did not drop, but neither did she rise and her odds got worse despite the publicity she has received of late with her battle against the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua.  Perhaps the best-looking of this gaggle of misfits proves that looks only go so far.  And she should watch her back as Democrats may reenact their own version of the Night of Long Knives on her once this over.

#6. Kamala Harris at 22:1 (formerly #2 at 3:1)

Let’s face the reality here: Her presence in this race is simply a long interview for the Vice President’s job.  Her recent drop shows she has no chance at the top slot and it is slipping away from her quicker than a Wayne Gretzky slapshot.  She is proving what everyone here knew all along- she checks the right demographic boxes and little else.  In fact, she is just Barack Obama with a vagina.

#5. Andrew Yang at 19:1 (formerly #6 at 18:1)

Another one hanging on auditioning for a mythical cabinet position or ambassadorship.  The fact he is still here, under 20:1 and in the top five just shows how crazy this group is in the end.  Of course, it does get even better in a crazy way (see #3).

#4. Bernie Sanders at 10:1 (formerly #4 at 8:1)

A slight dip in the odds which shows that there is still some bros out there burning for Bernie.  Or perhaps it is just sympathy given his recent medical problems.  Or maybe it is because he is the original socialist in the mix and that adds to the aura and sympathy.  However, retirement to Vermont and milking some goats may be a better political choice for Bernie these days.

#3. Pete Buttigieg at 9:1 (formerly #5 at 9:1)

Could the gay ex-mayor of a mid-sized Midwestern town in a conservative state be one of the last three standing in this group?  Perhaps by laying low and just plugging along without jumping on lunch counters or escorting illegal aliens across the border is a winning (or staying in) strategy.  Whatever the case, Gay Pete has moved up in the rankings.

#2. Joe Biden at 4:1 (formerly #1 at 4-1/2:1)

The preferred candidate of Democrats (he leads in many polls) seems to be the Hillary Clinton of 2020- an establishment-preferred candidate fighting a whack-a-doodle leftist socialist.  Still, Biden has to come out of hiding at some point and that presents its own set of problems, namely his proneness to gaffes.  He survived the most recent debate, not because of anything he did or said, but because no one else said or did anything to take him down a peg… and there is plenty of ammunition in that area.

#1. Elizabeth Warren at 90 cents on the dollar (formerly #3 at 3.5:1)

As some polls have indicated, the 1/1,024 Cherokee Hag Queen currently from Massachusetts is now better than even money to capture the nomination according to the oddsmakers.  One can see the Trump campaign salivating right now to take on this charlatan in 2020.  Basically, she is Bernie Sanders in drag when it comes to policy so the Democrats may be better served going with the original version of Bernie Sanders.  Can anyone imagine listening to that voice and seeing that face on television for four years?  She may be the best gift the Democrats have ever given Donald Trump.  NOTE: If I were Kamala Harris, I’d rop out, endorse Biden and keep my fingers crossed.  An all-female ticket with Warren on top may be “diverse,” but it is also a recipe for losing.  In that case, enter Pete Buttigieg as the VP choice.  Gotta keep it diverse and all that and what says diversity more than two men exchanging a dance and a kiss at an Inaugural ball?