With the year almost at an end, it’s time to take stock of the best the Left has to offer in terms of stupidity, being asinine, and just generally obnoxious over the past year.  With so many to choose from, this writer had difficulty whittling it down to the gruesome ten, but here goes:

#10 Alyssa Milano

While her body may have matured from the time she was a childhood star, her acting skills certainly have not.  More disturbing, her brain has failed to mature.  Even when defending something near and dear to her- a woman’s “right” to kill a human life- she cannot get the facts right.  She asserted, in direct contradiction to scientific fact, that a fetal heartbeat does not begin at six weeks.  Even the biggest purveyor of death- Planned Parenthood- refuted her on this.  Here is a person who actually called for a boycott of chicken nuggets which would have upset many children with more brains, commonsense and maturity than Milano. Milano managed to summon her weak acting skills to shed some tears over “America’s arbitrary lines-” things people will brains call “borders.”  This dolt, joined by other dolts, actually called for a boycott of sex.  Enough said…

#9 Brian Stelter

If a hand can reach through a television screen and slap someone, Brian Stelter would certainly be a prime target.  The so-called media watchdog of a cable news channel fewer and fewer people are watching these days unless you are in an airport terminal and a captive audience never ceases to amaze, contort and actually contradict himself.  If there is a reason for CNN’s ratings being in the toilet, look no further than this cue ball.  Actually, a cue ball probably has more brains than Stelter.

#8  John Brennan

This clown just cannot let go of the fact that Trump won in 2016 despite the best efforts of the FBI, Clinton, his own CIA and a large contingent of Deep State scum which he epitomizes.  He has gone quiet of late, especially since the Barr/Durham probe has taken on a criminal dimension.  Nothing would please this writer more than to see the booking photo of Brennan.  He should be marched through the streets of DC in an orange jumpsuit, then exiled to Gitmo.  The scariest thing about all this is that he was head of the CIA at one time.

#7  Adam Schiff

OK- it could have also been Fat Jerry Nadler, but Schiff’s Intelligence Committee started the whole impeachment thing.  And Nadler’s physical characteristics are too easy a target (not that Schiff’s aren’t also).  But Schiff has that last name that lends itself to so much ridicule and rhymes with what he is- excrement.  What strikes this writer is that Pelosi would put this idiot in charge of that committee given his propensity to leak information.  But what is so irksome is his desire to run for the waiting cameras and get that smug mug on television screens.

#6 Nancy Pelosi

I once thought she was a pretty shrewd politician and standing up to the Squad made me think that maybe the robotics factory figured out her quirks.  Then she gave the green light for impeachment which she knows will die an ugly death.  What this twitchy woman was thinking indicates there is more work to be done on the wiring in that robotics factory when she goes in for her annual tune-up.  And yes, Nancy, we know you’re Catholic and we also know abortion is against Catholic doctrine.  And sweet Jesus- what is with the eye thing?  See a doctor already.

#5  Hillary Clinton

Three years after her defeat, this hag continues to garner headlines.  Most losers usually slink back into (McCain) or worm their way (Romney) into the Senate.  Others like to retire and sip Chardonnay in multi-million homes in New York.  Not Clinton!  Whether it is Ukraine, the many varied reasons for her 2016 defeat, or even the Epstein controversy, Hillary Clinton is there like a scary specter.  Please just go away already.

#4. Elizabeth Warren

I never thought this was possible, but Elizabeth Warren manages to be more obnoxious than Hillary Clinton in her mannerisms and voice.  Can you imagine looking at or listening to Warren if she got the nomination and- God forbid- defeated Trump?  The woman just cannot seem capable of telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Yet there she is in the Democrat’s clown car in the front seat right next to her crazy Uncle Joe.  These are scary times which makes the reelection of Trump all that more urgent.

#3. Ilhan Omar

This little anti-Semitic piece of s$#@ from Minnesota brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “brotherly love.”  Leaving aside the apparent oddity of marrying one’s brother in order to commit some kind of fraud, the woman has other problems on her plate like possible campaign finance violations, ethical charges, and- most importantly- her mouth every time she opens it.  Trump was right when he insinuated she go back from whence she came.  Ironically, they would have cut her tongue out by now.

#2. Greta Thunberg

Front page writer streiff pretty much summarizes the issue of Thunberg here.  This little toad of a child, likely the victim of child abuse, enamored world leaders with her message of doom and gloom over climate change.  Unfortunately for her, we’ve been down that path before (see: Al Gore).  She is nothing more than this year’s rendition of David Hogg- a do-nothing/know-nothing child behind whom the Left hides.  Worse, she is just as obnoxious as David Hogg who has slipped away into obscurity.  Sweden is calling; it’s past Thunberg’s bed time.

#1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

If there was any doubt, AOC has risen to the top of the most obnoxious liberals.  The phrase “open mouth, insert foot” applies 100% to this wise Latina (or is it Latinx?) from the Bronx.  She managed to chase away 25,000 jobs from her district then crowed victory when the same company opened up shop in another district with 23,500 less employees.  That is “victory” to this brainiac.  There is so much over the year involving AOC, as she is known (only because the name is so damn long), that it is hard to catalog all the nonsense that comes off her tongue.  It isn’t saying much for Boston University that conveyed a degree upon her, or for the constituents of NY-14.  Plus, “The Squad,” of which she is the leader, is just plain corny.

Any additions to the list are welcome in the comments.