Jeff Van drew, a Democrat freshman congressman from New Jersey’s Second District, is expected, according to multiple sources, officially drop out of the Democrat Party and join the GOP.  Van drew was one of two Democrats to vote against an impeachment inquiry and has been quite vocal recently in his opposition to impeachment.

The timing of the announcement is undetermined at this point, but tying it to the House impeachment vote seems most likely.  Democrats are not showing any worry claiming that the move is political and voters will see through it come November.

As a resident of the District, I can safely say there is no stomach for impeachment.  For every two “Impeach Trump” signs you see, you will see three “Keep America Great” signs.

After Van Drew voted against an impeachment inquiry, the Democrats were out looking for his head.  Although no one has stepped forward to challenge him in a primary in 2020, my sources said that at least five people were seriously considering a run.

Could this be a foretelling of things to come?  Other Democrats have faced heat over impeachment when they visited their home districts.

Stay tuned for more to come…