Via the ever-so-poorly behaved ‘Occupy!’ protests, the Dems have managed to insert this concept of ‘the 1%’ into our political discourse for 2012.

Their narrative: ‘America has been taken over by the 1% richest people, and we need to take it back!’

But here’s what they don’t tell anyone – and it’s something anyone concerned about ‘control of America by a small minority’ should know: They don’t want to end ‘rule-by-the-1%’. They just want THEIR 1% to be doing the ruling!



Tax Cuts Now!

Yes, the objective of the Left isn’t to eliminate the control of ‘the 1%’ – it’s to change WHICH 1% are in control.

Taking their premise at face-value, the ‘1%’ they rail against are generally folks who got their by posession of some form of valuable skill – weather it be financial know-how like Romney & Dimon, or the ability to play a game well (pro-sports), or inventing something everyone just had-to-have (the folks at Facebook)… These folks did SOMETHING to get into this well-resourced segment of our society…

But who are the Left’s 1%? Here’s a hint: They aren’t rich, and likely don’t have what it takes to be rich… They’re not poor either, and probably never were…

Yes, I’m talking about the legion of regulators & bureaucrats that have absolute power over any socialist society – be it European-style Social Democracy, or good old fashioned Communisim… It’s the faceless regulators & bureaucrats – today’s Commisars – who hold the power otherwise allocated to the wealthy in a more capitalistic enterprise…

So, what’s the problem with this? After all, the Left would argue that these not-so-wealthy folks (generally upper-middle-class in terms of income and education) are ‘more like you and me’… But here’s the problem: not only are they generally NOT like you & me (having little to no experience outside of government employment), they generally don’t have the talent required to make it in the private sector without leveraging their government connections.

Now, there are some exceptions to this – usually in the few rare fields where the top spots in government go to folks who made it in the private-sector first (eg, the Fed and Treasury hiring from Goldman Sachs) – but in general ‘Those who can… do… Those who can’t… teach… And those who can’t teach <b>administrate</b>’ applies to these folks quite well.

So in the end, remind anyone who starts talking about ‘the 1%’ that it’s really a choice between WHICH 1% has that power….

And in my case, I’d rather the wealthiest 1% have the power & things they have, then transfer those things to the DC desk-jockey 1%!