The ends must justify the means, or Obama is desperate.  A majority of Americans do not like his health care overhaul plans.  He has done everything imaginable (many times over) to persuade us that he knows best.  His plethora of town hall meetings devoted to the topic of health care reform haven’t swayed us.  His excessive speeches to the nation have fallen on deaf ears.  His address to the joint session of congress was unconvincing.


Nevertheless, he is undaunted.  And like the iconic Energizer Bunny, when it comes to his signature issue of health care reform, Obama just keeps going and going and going.


But there is one thing he has not done – yet.  He has not courted the audience of the nation’s largest news network – the network his administration has demonized and boycotted since last fall.  However, Today Obama’s stubborn resistance will end, at least temporarily, and he will sit down for an interview with Fox News anchor, Bret Baier.


Maybe he has come to realize that shunning a cable news network whose ratings are higher than all its competitors combined was a mistake.  Perhaps he thinks one more interview will be enough to push his precious plan over the edge. 


It will be interesting, if not entertaining, to see what sad stories and fanciful facts he asserts tonight.  The same stories and facts are not typically used twice.  Particularly because they are later “fact checked” to be categorically false. 


My favorite whopper, which I personally hope to hear again tonight, is Obama’s claim that his health care bill will lower our insurance premiums by 3,000 percent.  How could any reasonable person vote against that?  While he’s at, maybe he’ll promise to put root beer in all the drinking fountains.


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