DISCLAIMER on previous posting.
Dr. Jim Gschwind
The Despondent Corresponde

For those of you who were offended by my what libs think post:  Understand what your parents told

you many years ago…”you are known by those you hang around with”……so if you believe in God,

understand that while it is a “broad” generalization (which means there is a MINORITY that don’t
think that way…..you are identified by conservatives due to the fact that the MAJORITY of your
fellow libs believe “in God we trust” should not be on our money, believe there should be no public

prayer in schools or anywhere (unless you are Moslem then Alla must have given you an exception),

We can’t call Christmas by it’s proper name and kids go on “holiday vacation” now and there must
not be any roadside crosses nor nativity scenes in town scare.  MOST of your fellow libs believe
pregnancy is a “Disease” and promote the killing of unborn……..these are the people you are “identifying with”,
if you are a lib and don’t believe these things then you “might not be a lib”, unless you voted for a
“self avowed” (in his own words and in his auto-biography published before last election) communist then
you are what HE IS and his minions.
Remember (the bible) you are known by your friends…..so understand that while most liberals act this way, and you may not, by identifying with lliberals, you are inheriting what most people think of liberals. It means you are throwing yourself into their whole agenda. If you do not believe what liberals believe then you shouldn’t be offended and I will apologize to those people INDIVIDUALLY, but not as a GROUP. I stand by the definitions of “MOST” liberals.