THE TICKET!…A Win for Tea-Party and America!

Dr. Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent



Well the news is settling in and at least Mitt picked someone who actually thinks and is pragmatic about problem solving….not to mention being “brave” just because he tells people “the way it really is”.   And being from Wisconsin I’m sure the mentor of the “progressive” movement the late  Senator Kefauver is turning over in his grave that a conservative tea-party member is carrying the tea-party banner and has excited the grassroots.


All the Democratic pundits are all trying to convince everyone that this is what they had hoped for because it gives them someone more controversial to attack and have already revised their old ad showing the lady in the wheelchair being thrown off the cliff.   In this case however, I think they’ve underestimated the American public that has had versions of Ryans’ budget and SAVING of Medicare plan available for many to study for a while now and many smart individuals now understand it actually makes some sense and have come to understand that now a person over 55 will be affected in any way by it.   It is common knowledge that Medicare will be totally bankrupt prior to 2024 and something has to be done now to “save” it (not abolish it as many were led to believe).   How amazing that the attacks on conservatives for trying to save Medicare are coming from the same cabal of thugs that cut 300 million from Medicare in the Obama-care bill.


Romney could have actually done better but not by much.  I believe that the Democracts/i.e. progressives are actually more concerned about the race for the white house now than ever before.  Part of that reason is before this they could easily attack straight-laced but “unexciting” Mitt without him fighting back very hard and Mitt didn’t really put forth a written plan.  With Ryan on the Ticket who is considered a real tea-party reformer especially on the budget (which the Senate under Reid haven’t had during Obama’s entire administration) now at least Mitt and his team-mate have an actual plan that has been put in front of the voters already and are doing well presenting it.   It’s had the effect of firing up Romney also.    Now I think Mitt Romney is a nice and intelligent and clean cut guy, but he tends to come off a little bit boring and about as exciting as a mouthful of mashed potatoes.   He can’t seem to get audiences “fired up” as we needed in this vital election.  The public has already responded to larger crowds when both of them are on stage as well as a proliferation of campaign donations (which Romney already had a lead in).   Now the Obama thugs I’m sure will not dump their lying personal attack ads against Romney (Obama is silent while his committee defends their ads in interviews and has refused to take questions from the press on the negative ads) and now at least they will have to respond to the major economic problems we face that they have failed to respond to only due to the fact that their opposition has a real plan when they don’t except continue to “spend themselves out of a depression”  and try to fix the economy by doing nothing but printing more money, which didn’t even work for Roosevelt.  I think the American Public and voters


Add the fact that Ryan is an excellent debater (I would’ve loved to see West or Cain in a debate actually on the “issues” but that ship has sailed) and I look forward to him giving Biden a good trouncing next month in the only VP debate coming up.  I know the tea-party is excited and it was probably wise for Romney to select someone also close to the tea-party as Romney himself was way down the list for tea-party support, that’s why they chose to concentrate their efforts at local levels fighting for congressional candidates they supported and state legislatures.   Just some proof that not all intelligent people think the tea-party has “gone away” because it couldn’t be further from the truth.


Bottom line, .a very intelligent and wise decision by Romney and it has brought excitement back to the grassroots conservative supporters everywhere.    We finally have a winning team for America.