GENTLEMEN!!!! Shut your traps!!

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent



Thank you Todd Aiken!!  Thanks for giving the Democrats a chance to keep Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader so we can have four more years of grid-lock and no budget even if the Romney/Ryan change ticket takes the White House and conservatives looking to return to our basic roots take the majority in the House.  Once Again THANK YOU!  With you now, we really need Bidens’ inane remarks helping conservatives and scuttling Obamas race more than ever now that you’ve evened the score…


He (Aiken) had until 5pm Monday to withdraw from the race after his moronic statements to allow the Republican Party in Missouri to name a replacement.  Now that is not possible.  He had led by 11% until that fateful remark and I’m sure every sane red blooded American woman (and probably a good portion of men) especially independents will surely vote against him and put a Democrat in the Senate.  This puts in jeopardy the hopes that conservatives can regain their country by sweeping both houses and the White House.   Pelosi, Reid and the hapless Obama couldn’t be happier, much to the chagrin of many.


This brings to mind something that I don’t normally talk about.  Abortion!!!! I have my views but that’s personal and ARE NOT supposed to be in the middle of the most important POLITICAL battle of our country (i.e. whether to become a European socialist state, or remain a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC).   I will only state this once and never bring it up again.


I believe the abortion issue is a MORAL issue between a woman, her own morals and her God and NOBODY ELSE, not even the government and especially you guys out there that want to look cool by voicing the female opinion and showing your “tender” side to score brownie points with the ladies.   GUYS SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES…..!!!   Unless you are able to carry and then pass something the size and sometimes weight of a bowling ball through your body….then you have NO RIGHT to even have an opinion.    I will never judge a woman for her decision….it is HERS, not yours guys.   Oh you might voice your opinion if you think it’s yours and that’s the end of it! Final decision is HERS!


This discussion has no place in POLITICS for as we all know you cannot “Legislate morality” and we all have our own morals and make our decisions based upon that and we learned those morals from our families and our friends and most importantly from the pulpit.  We should ban any talk of abortion from the political scene and keep it where it belongs (i.e. in the families and in church).  There should be NO LAWS supporting either side of this issue as it is strictly a MORAL issue and a private one at that.


Now that I’ve berated ALL GUYS for mouthing off about something they know nothing about and cannot experience (thank God, my sympathy pains stopped at the delivery room door…..).   Time to lay it on thick to that idiot that made all us men and especially conservatives look like the twit he is.   I’d like this numbskull to explain to me what an “illegitimate rape” is and what for Gods sake is a “legitimate” one?   And where is the scientific proof that he believes the female body’s reproductive system “shuts down” during rape?  I don’t care where he came from; he couldn’t have learned that in any school in the United States I know and love.   Todd, you even eclipsed and silenced all of Bidens critics this week that statement was so stupid and moreover “memorable” (nobody will ever forget it) and probably from this day on….anyone who says something that insane (except perhaps for the Minnesota congressman who thought putting more Marines on Guam might make it “tip over” in the ocean) will now probably be referred to as “pulling a Todd” instead of “pulling a Biden”.


Now ladies your turn and only this once.  I will never judge your decisions but I implore you to think wisely.   Pregnancy is not an “illness” as some would have you believe.  It has been going on since Adam and Eve.   Yes there have been complications in the past that have threatened the life of the baby as well as the mother.  But in this day and age of medical advances, those occurrences are very RARE.  But, alas, yes, although we say RARE, that rarity just might happy to you but I pray it does not.  My loving daughter (who is philippino and American) was told if she had one more that she might not make it so had tubal ligation.   She had her six children choosing to continue until she had a precious girl (I’m so proud of all of them).  Then she felt sorry for all those barren couples that try and try and cannot have children, so she surrogated three times (one was miscarriage) to give a couple a boy first and then a sister and she shipped them mothers milk after birth.  I was so proud of her.   The lesson of this story is that there are sooooo…many barren parent want-to-bees out there that there is a thriving black market in baby adoption worth billions as well as overburdened legal agencies that cannot find enough babies (of ANY color or ethnic group) for all the couples that want them.   My only request to the fine young ladies out there that find themselves in trouble or in an unwanted/unexpected pregnancy is that you give adoption a serious consideration.   Once again, it is not my place to judge your final decision and you will receive no judgment from me……it has to be YOURS and only YOUR decision.  Don’t even let the government with rules and regulations tell you what is naturally and properly between you, your own moral code, and your own God.


I certainly hope and pray even though I have my own Moral thoughts and issues that this eventually disappears from POLITICS.   I support groups that oppose the government interference in this issue and that is the only reason I’m active in that capacity.   The churches and families should be the ultimate “teaching” authority on the question of morality.  Never in History has morality been “regulated” or “legislated” about successfully because individuals will follow their own individual morals codes that they were raised with regardless of what the government has to say about it.   For that reason……Government agencies and political aspirants……Shut your Pie-holes!!…….and discuss POLITICAL issues not MORAL ones.