DNC Almost Godless in Charlotte?……TV off anyone?

Dr. Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent



Like many good decent individuals I came away from the TV experience called the Democratic National Convention with turning the TV off so hard it almost broke, before I went outside and wanted to scream to vent.


Historians tell us that our first constitutional convention contained the most extraordinary assembly of talented individuals at that time that could be imagined.   Kind of the political “dream team” of the 18th century would best describe these founding fathers.    Now here we are almost two and a half centuries later and where has all the “talent” gone?  Never before has there been such a gathering of Kooks, nut jobs, anti-americans, atheists, socialists, communists and just plain jerks as had gathered in the fine city of Charlotte.   We could call this the “scary team” not “dream team”.


The DNC embarrassed itself immensely and it was obvious even the nut job Debbie Wasserman Schultz was running her mouth trying to do damage control but instead only made things worse as she is prone to do.


The vote on whether to allow God on the platform was absolutely insane.  It was obvious to even the most disinterested observer that at least half of those in the audience voted against God and were the same ones booing when the bogus result was announced.   So we know this much….at least half the delegates didn’t want God around.   Charlotte is a good God-fearing town….I wonder how those folks felt.   Oh yes and I do have friends who are good people and are Democratic and I feel sorry for their embarrassment at this horrible behavior.


Shouldn’t be so surprised though  because the Democratic Party has been an “umbrella” or more aptly a “circus tent” for so many off the wall groups and causes since the turmoil of the 60s that is it any wonder when they all begin to speak, it is a chorus of insanity?


I’m not going to deal with ALL the speakers….just pick on two because they all lie, even the convicted felon (perjury) Clinton.   The fact checkers probably gave up by now and went on vacation.


First of all dear, dear Joe (Biden) who gives us republicans so much fodder……get your facts straight and all of you for God’s sake (ooops you don’t like that word do you?).    You CAN’T quote job figures unless you go straight to the site that gives you the info….(Bureau of Labor Statistics)  and please remember that quoting how many jobs have been created is useless unless you SUBTRACT the ones lost which remains in the MINUS column when one considers “net” jobs.   Secondly and finally, as I have said on too many occasions from my sources when I was working up in DC….Obama does NOT have a SPINE or he wouldn’t be bending it so often in front of foreign leaders and between Oct and May when Obama was finally killed….he had to be TRICKED into giving the green light as the helos  had already been launched (Panetta and Clinton started them out) and were almost at the point of no return when he reluctantly gave the green light and that was ONLY because Valerie Jared wasn’t there blocking their audience with his majesty and he couldn’t tell them this time his favorite come back….”I’ll sleep on it”.  According to many close to the White House, we’ve been leading from behind because he’s either on vacation, the golf course, or “sleeping on it” as he has done repeatedly.  I know others know this and have picked up on it, especially Brietbart if you want to double check but I’ve been writing this story from white house (staff, servants etc.) for over a year and at least five times in my column.  Those close to the White House says he rarely goes to work in the Oval Office and seems to just like the “perks” of being “Prez”.


Now to pick on the “Prez”…..First do not lecture us on God when we don’t know which God you hail to this day, or even if you are faking it when you go to church publicly there in DC……you are a master of deception and most Americans are no longer fooled.   Secondly when you mentioned the illegal immigrants children in schools for instance in LA you just had to mention that they do the Pledge of Allegiance when they are constantly fighting in LA about running the Mexican Flag in front of some schools and replacing the American Flag?  Does that sound like individuals who WANT to become American?


Save your praise please Mr. “big shot” for those proud Latin Americans who want a better life for their children as Americans…The majority of Latinos I know….no, ALL of them are decent “Americans” who work hard and have a work and family ethic this country desperately needs.  This praise goes out to many of my “SA” friends and even relatives especially my daughter and her beautiful family,  who I Know respect America better than YOU  do with that notorious “crotch salute” you display whenever then national Anthem is played or America the Beautiful is sung at a game.  Every vet I know gets so disgusted when you do that, you are becoming more used in Urinals now because of it than Hanoi Jane (surprised we didn’t see her up there also at the convention).   We all know by now what you actually think of America and all your high-faluting praise of America in your speech was a lie wrapped in a pretty ribbon.


I feel sorry for my friends who are Dems, for the proud beautiful and “God” fearing city of Charlotte, for my Latino friends and relatives for this obscene display the past few days that is finally “over”, thank God.


In a way I must as a republican say “thank you” DNC for all the political ammunition you just dumped in Romney and Ryans laps if they have the courage to take advantage of it.


There….Vent over….but many of my friends now say we must really pray because if actually half of the population might be thinking of backing this power- mad, man and his henchmen from Chicago then this country is heading for more than just a financial crisis.    Pray and if this doesn’t scare you to vote nothing else will.   Till next time my dear readers from an “old-man” getting sooo very tired of being the voice crying in the wilderness……..