What Have we done!!! WAKE UP!
Dr Jim Gschwind
The Despondent Correspondent

I’m not going to try to politicize a tragedy. The ambassador was a good man with good intentions and his loss is a great one as well as his aids that were gunned down. But we should take note that here was a good and well intentioned man who gave all for not only our nation but for the very people that murdered him. He survived going into the warzone during our support for the splinter groups including the Moslem Brotherhood while undergoing and trying to avoid “live fire” which is more than many diplomats would endure. He was in the “thick” of it before Ghadafi was finally hunted down. Granted this dictator our ambassador helped the Libyans bring down was one of the most loathsome “butchers” the world has seen and he deserved the ill end he met. Our ambassador was there to hear the cheers of victory and “we love you US” chants when the dictator met his end. So where was that loyalty from the Moslem Brotherhood government of Libya when all our ambassador was seeking was the safety of his own embassy in Bengazi? I might add, that international law states that the soil of a foreign embassy is considered that nations’ soil and it is the host governments’ responsibility for it’s protection. Where were they? We’ve given them billions to support the Moslem Brotherhood, where is that loyalty. I feel for the small band of Marines that were expected to do the job of the host government. As a former Marine, I know embassy Marine guards are only there primarily “for show” and shouldn’t be expected to defend against a hoard of unruly mobs which I’m sure they did and were prepared to do as good Marines. These Americans we just lost should be mourned as “brave” americans. AND…..we should consider this an “act of war” which under international agreements IT IS and act accordingly. Israel has survived with the attitude of an “eye for an eye”, etc and done so successfully, lets take a page out of their book of “survival”. I WANT my pound of retributional flesh from Libya and Egypt and I want my government to do SOMETHING more than words about it. Don’t give them more money for one! Abandon them and let them kill each other as they are historically prone to do rather than taking their frustrations out on good honest Americans!

A few hundred miles away in Cairo, our embassy came under the same attack. In both places one can only notice the black Al Queida flags in both crowds and yet the US sends “relief” money to those who got trampled by their own mobs? Why?

Make no mistake as a former Intelligence Analyst, and a God fearing man, I know in my heart there is no such thing as “coincidence”….it’s ALL either by the hand of God or the hand of MAN. Yes, MAN….men to whom nothing is honorable and promises and false praise mean nothing and will turn on you in a heartbeat. That’s the Muslim Brotherhood in both countries. A brotherhood, this administration helped put in power in both countries! When will we learn that you CANNOT buy loyalty from people who instinctively want to kill you and hate you just because you are Americans. They are trying to tell you it’s about some independent movie producer in LA doing a story on Mohammed. Don’t believe it…if it was so they would’ve sent “hit men” after him alone and a cleric would’ve called for it. Coincidence that both countries attacks were well coordinated chanting “we are Osama Bin Laden” daring us to fly a drone over them? Coincidence it was on the anniversary of 9/11 attacks.

What does our state department do? Apologize for our American value of free speech instead of condemning these despicable acts? At least they had the common sense to pull that statement back. But what does that say to other countries in the Middle East? Where was fearless leader the “killer of Bin Laden”? Probably “sleeping on it” as he is prone to do when under stress. What are we doing and what will we do? Probably give them another Billion to rebuild the buildings destroyed in the mob scenes or for mob protesters accidentally crushed to death by their own compatriots. WHY did it take him so long to make a public announcement? What was he doing, calling for a vote by the cabinet? Is this leadership? My GUT says NO.

I was criticized recently by no less than my own family because I described the DNC convention as “pure craziness” and “circus”. I don’t back down. The love of my own family is at stake with me but I will NOT shirk my sworn love of country and belief in what I’m doing is right. I know I’m already on the enemy list for the administration (under Nixon you would’ve never stood for this now would you?,…but it’s okay for the new “chosen one”).

This is too insane that we actually expected people that hate us to suddenly love us because we sponsored their revolution. Is it any wonder that the Syrians want the “same deal” against their horrible despot?

I still worry and will until after the election that this administration will halt elections if they look like they are in jeopardy by declaring martial law, all the signs are there that we see in other 3rd world countries. See…..we have already been demoted to 3rd world status. Doesn’t that bother anyone one bit? I have thousands of readers and get a lot of positive feedback, but the ones I really worry about are the ones I don’t reach. If these things don’t bother others like me I begin to wonder if I’m just the voice “crying in the wilderness” but God gives me strength to carry on and I pray deeply every morning for the strength to do so.

We have our own “vacant seat” despot to worry about (all the grievances against King George the III absolutely “fit” this dictator even today). We are leaderless, helpless and without a proper course of action being led by a “community activist” who is in over his head but “has a plan” which we’ll never know. If you re-elect him and regret it later, I will turn my back on you and just don’t want to hear it but will never say “I told you so”. Isn’t the “evidence” piling up enough.

What does it take America!!! You can’t BUY LOVE….WAKE UP!!!!