The Despondent Correspondent

Dr. Jim Gschwind



Remember “Fearless Leader” from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon?  (Yes I know I just dated myself or I could say I couldn’t avoid watching it because my kids were watching it like most of you would argue).   We have “fearless Leader” today of course and we could substitute “Boris” as our Vice President and “Natasha” would be white house “boss of bosses” Valerie Jared with her hand up “Fearless Leaders’” back like the puppet he is.


Joking aside, never had we had a president without such a spine and without any knowledge of leadership except what he’s read in college and hasn’t applied.  What we have in the Oval Office is an “empty suit” devoid of any caring for the constitution, this republic which he is single handedly destroying and everyday people everywhere that he has stripped of individual dignity.  Don’t even pull the race card on me….I have children and grandchildren of color who I love dearly.  Especially don’t pull it if you were one of the previously burgeoning black middle class that’s been expanding since the 70s and now you are back where you started.  Statistics show the black middle class was hit hardest by Obama policies, so WAKE UP.  Statistics also show minorities such as blacks and Latinos suffered more unemployment than whites so why are you still so enthralled with this figure of ineptitude?


Never mind that Obama has far surpassed any other president in history including FDR with his “rule” by decree (940 executive orders and counting, three times higher than any other president) which are highly illegal especially if they have anything to do with raising revenue which is the sole purview of congress.   That’s a constitutional matter so it is no wonder why our current “fearless leader” practically laughs at the constitution as a meaningless rag?   Do not and NEVER forget that it was this year March 23rd that “fearless leader” signed the emergency Executive Order which would allow him to control what you eat, drink, where you live, ration food, where you could travel and what you could think if he thought there was a crisis enough to warrant it.   Can you imagine (John Lennons words not mine) a country like ours where you would need “travel papers” to visit other states or counties?   Can you imagine all the taxpayers money is being used by this administration to sue other states and local governments to prevent them from carrying out their own local voters will?   It was Valerie Jared who stated in 2008 after the election that they “would be ready to RULE on day one”.    Do any of you steadfast American’s want to be “RULED”?


I thought we got rid of “rulers” over 200 years ago.  If we were to look at the Declaration of Independence with the charges against King George III each and every one of those charges actually fit in today’s administration politics and policies.    Dan Zimmerle in his pamphlet “Unfit to Rule” lays out this case item by item and it would astonish you the matchups from 200 years ago.  I would encourage all to google this and get a copy before it is outlawed.


The litany of campaign lies continues and will continue because truth has died a quick and violent death under the onslaught of the Chicago political mob that “rules” us today.  Their motto is obviously “if you repeat a lie long enough and hard enough, they will believe it and it will then become truth”.


Do any of you actually believe that with Michelle’s’ costly “vacations” things will get better if he is re-elected.   Most in DC know and most CAN know just by the open files (Breitbart released these but they are open to the public) of the White House Schedule and daily briefing schedule how many briefings he has missed.  He has missed over 50% of his National Security Council Briefings in favor of fundraisers.  The week prior to the attack on the Council in Bengasi he was not briefed at all.  He was however “informed” on 9/11 that the Cairo American Embassy and the Benghazi Counsulate were under attack.  The White House log shows him then logged out to “bed”.   I sincerely hope he was “sleeping on it” again.   He is hardly ever at work in the Oval Office or even at his desk in the residential quarters.   He is either on “vacation”, golfing, taking expensive trips with or without Michelle and her extravagance (Almost like Marie Antoinette…except. DON’T “let them eat cake”).  His stewards and lower staff and some higher ones have admitted that he does seem more entranced by the “perks” of his office rather than fulfilling his oath of office and actually doing something.   Do you think he wrote any of the bills he proposed?   Try the largest congressional liaison staff the White House has ever seen.  He makes the speech and then his ONLY follow through as a leader is “handle it guys”.   He did not WILLINGLY kill Osama Bin Laden.   He had to be “forced” obviously without Valerie Jared around who was “blocking” Paneta and Clinton when they continually asked him for the “green light”.  They finally tricked him into giving the “go” when he had no other choice and he didn’t have the puppet master around controlling him.


If you don’t want a “ruler” or maybe someday a “monarch” (dare I say it?) get out and VOTE, and if you are a Democrat who isn’t voting for Obama, then vote again, like you normally would, “Chicago style”.  Such are my comments about our current “royal family” and their disdain for the ordinary individual and the constitution.


We don’t need “fearless leader”, “Boris” and “Natasha” in for another four or we will no longer be able to be called the “United States of America”.  Where is “Moose and Squirrel” when we need them to save us?