Global Warming News?  To Whom?

The Despondent Correspondent

Dr. Jim Gschwind


I’ll make this short and sweet.  The same quasi-scientists who warned us of an ice age in the 70s keep trying to make things “fit” their scheme of things.  Only because political correctness, grants and offers of big money dictate that they do so.


I’ve been saying for at least two years now that the deep earthquakes have tilted the earths axis to the point where the North Pole is now 40 miles closer to Moscow.  Many have wondered why their local weather has changed so much…not many Florida hurricanes since 2005 after the deep Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting deadly tsunami is there?  The ocean and air currents that continuously encircle the earth develop all our weather and when something interferes along the route…guess what!  Weather changes!  More evidence of this is that the port of Nome Alaska had to be “rescued” by a convoy of gas and food tankers with icebreakers leading the way as they had become isolated by the Bering Sea Ice this year.


It has been reported by earth scientists much to their horror (how do we cover this up?) that the earths oceans have actually dropped ¼ inch in the last decade, meaning “ice is being formed SOMEWHERE”.  I love that statistic because it is the only thing Obama predicted that would come true…when he said that the oceans would recede during his 2008 campaign.   I hope he really doesn’t take credit for this one.  I guess the scientists that continue to measure and test Ice in the Greenland area haven’t caught on to this one yet and can’t quite comprehend that Greenland is actually now 40 miles closer to the equator….so they keep reporting that “ice is receding and melting in the North Atlantic”….a high School kid could point out the error of their ways.


NEW NEWS:   A new statistic was just reported today stating that the Artic Ice Shield is “thicker” than it has been in a decade.  How are they going to make this stat fit their doomsday model while batting around their hockey stick?  Are you hearing anything from the media about this “incredible” new finding?  That’s why I posed the question “to whom” is this news…Keep looking.


Even Al Gore had to publicly admit that proposing more ethanol was wrong when he did so.  I give him credit for being so public about it.  This is after scientists actually found that burning bio fuels such as corn and soy as ethanol actually contributes more harm to our atmosphere than regular fuels.   But has that stopped the politicians from polluting our media airwaves and congress with more and more corn, sugar and soy subsidies to produce fuel rather than using those products to feed starving third world people who depend on corn even more than we do?  Don’t forget your bread and meat prices have been driven up because there is less and less grain for “human” consumption and for livestock “feed”.  Cattle farmers in Texas are folding up due to the high cost of grain as well as dairy farmers elsewhere.  Do you think Ben Nelson in Nebraska or Grassley in Iowa care about this….I don’t need to give you the answer do I?   This is all due to “political expediency” and “correctness”.   “Green” is the magic word in government circles and don’t forget it.


But remember this…there is big money behind the alternative fuel and green movements now dominated by various left wing causes and they cannot admit defeat despite the fact that recent polls show more and more Americans are skeptical of their cries of alarm.


Humans aren’t polluting the earth……Politicians and government drones are.