Syria…..Here we go again?…or “Wag the Dog”?

The Despondent Correspondent

Dr. Jim Gschwind


It’s really hard to see what is so complicated about this Syrian debacle and horror story.   This could be a blessing or a curse and it can have any number of outcomes (none of them very good).  There are some things to be considered.  I say this as a retired career Intelligence Specialist so I have some learned views on this subject.

  1.  Does anyone know or can anyone convince us what particular strategic importance Syria has to US National security?    Except for the fact that they have been our enemies as well as our partner  Israel’s enemy for over 50 years and that Iran is our enemy and they consider Syria their own beachfront property……..NOTHING.   They have nothing we want.  Sure they’ve been a “client state” just as Egypt and Libya were of the Russians dating back to the Cold War, but I doubt Russia would jump in if things escalated there.    Even Israeli citizens have mixed views if we attacked Syria because they’d probably get attacked in retaliation and cause the opposing sides to temporarily unite against their common enemies…….the US and Israel and guess who is the closest one they would strike out at?   You guessed it…..!!
  2. Who is actually fighting there?   The Bath regime of Assad versus elements of the Moslem Brotherhood and Al-Qaida.    This isn’t WWII where we had to decide whether to back Stalin or Hitler (both enemies) against one or the other is it?   Look what that got us?   Look what it got us in Libya and Egypt where the Moslem Brotherhood and extremists took over or at least temporarily until the population in Egypt took to the streets again to toss out the very oppressive Moslem Brotherhood with the help of a military coup.  Why should we care if two of our enemies duke it out miles and miles away from our shores?   At least it keeps Al-Qaida occupied……too occupied hopefully to plan something against us?   Quite frankly except for the Chemical weapon question/threat…… civilians, we’d probably just be quite content to let both enemies shoot each other to pieces, lessening the threat to us.
  3. I already mentioned the Bath Regime of Assad and we should remember that the Bath Party in Iraq was formed by Sadam Hussein and both received assistance training their security forces from former Nazi SS Officers following WWII when the Middle East was being carved up by the new UN.   So lets’ look at the use of Chemical/biological weapons that supposedly we never found in Iraq (even though we neglected to report finding Risen residue in Artillery shells when we overran depots.).    We know Iraq had them, because WE SOLD THEM TO HIM when he was fighting the Iranians in the mid 80s, so is it so much to suggest that Sadam Hussein rushed these weapons out of Iraq into Syria which many suspected when we invaded?   I think not.
  4. I know many want to back Obama’s threat for the Syrians not to cross the line in the sand with the use of these weapons which he horribly did against his own civilian population and medical teams that were first in have verified the chemical use of Risen by smuggling victims hair out of the country that was tested for the chemical so we really didn’t need UN weapons inspectors.   I abhor the use of these weapons as inhuman and dastardly by Assad or anyone.   I guess my question is are we just going to be the world’s police and enforce a “no chemical weapon policy” by countries smaller than us…….or why didn’t we slap the Russians on the hands like we want to do Syria when they used them in Chechnya?    I guess our worldwide police power only applies to smaller countries.   Some of the same politicians running this administration were in the forefront with “Bush Lied, soldiers died” and harassing him to no end when no weapons of mass destruction could be found despite the fact that they can be easily hidden in a briefcase (enough to kill thousands).
  5. Now don’t get me wrong, since Assad crossed that line TWICE after being warned repeatedly I believe we must follow through somehow or we will lose any more respect in the world that we really didn’t have in the first place.  SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO?   I’m glad I’m not the President but if I had made this earlier statement and policy (don’t write checks you’re a#@ can’t cash…remember that old saying?), I would avoid both small punitive or a “shock and awe” events and would plan surgical strikes at something that wouldn’t hurt the population and give Al-Qaida and Assad both things to show and tell how bad we are.     Cruise missile and smart bomb strikes by our stealth aircraft targeted on Command and Control (where the leaders are) as well as his oil pipelines that would diminish his ability to pay his troops as well as means of delivery of these chemical weapons which would primarily be aircraft because we couldn’t possibly get all the artillery equipped to deliver chemical rounds and we don’t want to destroy the weapons themselves because surrounding civilian areas would produce many casualties (collateral damage…in military speak).    Although I think McCain is really going overboard, I do believe his statement of “go big or stay at home”.   You’re not going to teach a lesson unless you really hurt him.    Then again we don’t want to hurt him so much that we give our other enemy Al- Qaeda.
  6. Politically…..this is a mess.   At first Obama wanted just to go in and do his thing as he always wants to do without asking permission from congress first, but then individuals reminded him of his statements about Bush stating that unless Bush went to congress first for military action he should be impeached…..well marvelous Joe Biden said the same thing in congress back then so his highness had to backpedal a little and say he’d go to congress.  Congrats at least for the first time in his “rule” he is going to congress.     So why does House Leader Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell say they would back the president before they had a chance to even call congress back into session and give them the courtesy to be heard?   That cancelled out any Kudos for seeking constitutional authority right there; those two men do NOT represent our views or the views of their fellow congressmen.
  7. Finally……….why is Obama so devoted to pleasing the Moslem Brotherhood in the first place?   We’ve seen this in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya all with disastrous results.    I feel sorrow for the civilians caught in the middle on this, but I don’t want US caught in the middle of a Moslem only feud either especially in a country where we really have no strategic interests at all except to embarrass and weaken Iran and Russia.

FINE……..Mr. Obama…….almighty Commander in Chief, “OZ the magnificent” or whatever you are calling yourself this month, go “punish” Assads’ regime for using chemical weapons on his civilians and then get our people out…….and REMEMBER…….and this is what you and others of your ilk told Bush……”where is the strategic plan of operation, what do we want to accomplish?….what is our exit plan?” and for God’s sake quit letting your people “spill” or “text out punch” to the enemy…….they already know we are coming?   You are putting our pilots, soldiers, airman and sailors at great risk doing that!  So STOP IT!


Quite frankly I think this is coming up now since he basically ignored the first Assad strike on civilians just to distract us American citizens from his friendship with the Moslem Brotherhood and his Administrations’ rapidly escalating scandals (IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Justice Dept Spying on citizens, Gun running to drug dealers by the Justice Dept, etc).    He has used this “slight of hand” before where he asks us to be gullible enough to “look over hear…not there”.   Remember the movie “wag the dog” does this all sound familiar?   I think his interest in Syria is unnatural and is a sure indication that Senator Rand Paul is correct when he found evidence that the Benghazi cover up was to cover up a black-ops gun smuggling program out of Libya to Syria at that time and probably still continuing.


And let this teach you a lesson sir…….”don’t write a check you’re a#@ can’t cash” and make the American Public pay for it in higher gas prices caused by your bumbling efforts.     To my readers, I remain your humble servant……