McCain is going to freeze spending, keep taxes low, confront the threat of global warming, and make America energy independent.

On the other hand, Obama plans to raise capital gains taxes. We are not likely to have much in capital gains because of the economic crisis caused by liberals Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, as well as Obama’s financial advisors and campaign contributors that ran Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae into the ground.

Obama claims he will confront the threat of global warming, but opposes storage and reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel – nuclear is free of greenhouse gasses and provides an energy solution to help lower carbon emissions. John McCain supports nuclear.

McCain will cut the corporate tax rate to help keep our jobs here in America -Obama’s plan to raise taxes on corporations will likely cause layoffs and send our jobs overseas. *If Americans want to keep working we need to elect John McCain. * Otherwise, the depression the liberals keep talking about will be a reality instead of a distant possibility.

Lastly, consider Obama’s associations: William Ayers, ACORN, Reverend Wright, Father Flager, and Tony Rescoe. These associations show Obama’s judgment. Do you want someone to be President of the United States who associates with a domestic terrorist, who chooses a church with a radical racists preacher, who is friends with a criminal slum lord, and who worked with a group that is responsible for voter fraud and radical teachings?

With that kind of judgment, whether its intentional or naivete, do you want Obama making decisions that affect your children’s future? We are living in very turbulent times, therefore we need someone elected who can act quickly, decisively and make the right call, which John McCain has proven he can do. *McCain has dediciated his life to service to our country, and we should allow him the opportunity to serve us as President. *