From the start of the Republican primary race Larry Bucshon has been touted by the RNCC as one of the contenders for their Young Guns program. He has been able to raise about $250,000 so far, more than anyone else. However, most of the donors are doctors. Larry is a doctor also.

I started to follow his Facebook and he doesn’t really voice his opinion. Most of his posts are telling followers to follow a link or to speak of an event. All well and fine but I’ve found it hard to find out what he is really for. Last week, he came to the local Tea Party and spoke, so I’m finally getting to see the guy in person . He avoided issues and seemed like he didn’t want to be on the stage. It was uncomfortable. This goes to show you how much raising money goes into what the RNCC thinks of you. I understand money is necessary but a candidate needs to be well-spoken enough to get his point across and not be afraid to speak out. I’m sure he’s a smart guy, he’s a heart doctor for goodness sake. But the ma inspires me not.

The Democrat who’s running is taking over for Ellsworth is Trent Van Haaften and he is the former prosecutor in my hometown. He was also next in line for the state house leader for the Dems if he didn’t drop that job to run for national office. If Bucshon debated with him he’d be eaten alive. This district should go Republican. It has a heavy pro-life population.


Thankfully there are 7 other candidates and I’ve found one much better than Bucshon. His name is John Lee Smith. He’s a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones here in Evansville. He also appeared at the local tea party which I attended. He was energetic, well-spoken and looked comfortable on the stage speaking to everyone. He’s the first one that got a radio spot up. The ad mentions repealing the bill, lowering taxes and a Reagan quote… a well done spot. He hasn’t raised much money but I have a feeling Smith is going to start raising much more. I’m going to donate to him this week a little bit. Smith has ran unsuccessfully for congress before in a different district. I think he’s the best candidate for the job. I think he’ll add to, in a good way, what we have in the house already.

The remaining field are tea partiers that have a lot of energy but lack in most other areas.