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Time for another look at Trump’s Contract With The American Voter, at the close of his first hundred days–so far I’m not seeing much change from last month’s score. Thanks to fellow WC’er Joliphant for the table coding and list.

Regrettably, no progress noted since last month. If you have something you feel I’ve missed that should go on the Scoreboard, please leave a note in the Comments thread and I’ll note the score adjustment next week.

This Month’s Score: Counting each Start as +1/2 and each Unlikely as -1/2…

10 + 8*1/2 + 0 – 2*1/2 – 1 = 12 out of 30 points possible.

Special thanks to Watercooler teammate Joliphant for coding the table.

  • Sunday, 5/28: First battle of French & Indian War, 1754; Jackson signs Indian Removal Act, 1830; Whitewater partners convicted, 1996
  • Monday, 5/29: Massacre at Waxhaws, 1780; Rhode Island last original colony to ratify Constitution, 1790; Reagan’s first visit to USSR, 1988
  • Tuesday, 5/30: Kansas-Nebraska Act takes effect, 1854; Ray Harroun wins first Indy 500, 1911; WWII and Korean War representatives interred at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 1958
  • Wednesday, 5/31: N. Carolina adopts Mecklenburg Resolves for independence, 1775; Battle of Seven Pines, 1862; first observance of rescheduled last-Monday-in-May Memorial
  • Thursday, 6/1: Benedict Arnold court-martialed, 1779; Madison asks for declaration of war with Britain, 1812; Battle of Belleau Wood, 1918
  • Friday, 6/2: P.T. Barnum’s circus starts touring, 1835; Indian Citizenship Act signed, 1924; first US probe soft-lands on Moon, 1966
  • Saturday, 6/3: Jouett rides to warn Va. legislature of Tarleton raid, 1781; first long-distance power line, 1889; Zoot Suit Riots, 1943
  • Sunday, 6/4: Missouri Territory created, 1812; “Miracle at Midway,” 1942; capture of U-505, 1944
  • Monday, 6/5: First steamer on the Great Lakes, 1817; Houston, TX incorporated, 1837; Marshall Plan proposed, 1947
  • Tuesday, 6/6: Battle of Memphis, 1862; Great Seattle Fire, 1889; “The Longest Day,” 1944
  • Wednesday, 6/7: Lee Resolution presented, 1776; Carrie Nation begins crusade for Prohibition, 1899; Graceland opens to public, 1982
  • Thursday, 6/8: Madison proposes twelve Constitutional Amendments, 1789; Battle of Cross Keys, 1862; Orwell’s 1984 published, 1949
  • Friday, 6/9: Harvard established as first corporation in the Americas, 1650; Oglethorpe granted charter for Georgia, 1732; Donald Duck makes debut, 1934
  • Saturday, 6/10: Karamanli signs treaty ending First Barbary War, 1805; first Naval Academy class graduation, 1854; Marines land on Cuba, 1898

Today’s Birthdays: Airman-engineer Alexander de Seversky, 1894; actor Liam Neeson, 1952; Vice President Mike Pence, 1959

Holidays Around the World: Argentina has Journalists Day, Peru observes Flag Day and Norway has Union Dissolution Day marking their separation from Sweden.

This Week In History is compiled with assistance from History.com and Wikipedia. Something interesting not listed here? Please share in the Comments section–this is an Audience Participation Encouraged featurette.

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Just have a personal peeve I gotta sound off about from an old friend of the family’s memorial service last week (hence, in combination with my laptop needing to go back for repair, needing a fill-in last week): inability to dress appropriately. I mean, if the best you’ve got is jeans wear your best jeans, but a memorial service is NOT an appropriate place for a sleazy flaunt-what-you-got little black hooker-dress that barely covers the crack of your @&% even if it does have a blazer on over the top! Especially when the service is in a Catholic church and the deceased is your grandmother, for cryin’ out loud…

Okay, now that I’ve sounded off, what’s ripped your skivvies lately? Maybe getting it off our chests will help push Hump Day over the top into the downhill side of the week… 🙂


The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.–Elizabeth Taylor

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