Just for the record, I am an out of state conservative who DONATED for the Akin campaign in the primary.


Today he released an ad saying that he was sorry for just “the wrong choice of words”. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R57E3S8RO7A&feature=player_embedded. Does he not understand as to what the firestorm is all about ?

The fundamental problem is not his pro life views or the wrong choice of words. The problem here is the bogus science and “phony doctors” to back his beliefs. He doesnt understand that his set of evidence to back a strong pro life view makes not just him but also the pro life social conservatives look like extremists. His ad does not address this bogus evidence piece.

I feel pained to see this happen to Akin. We knew he was a strong pro life person but had no idea of his evidence to back this belief. I now feel ashamed to have supported a stupid guy. What a waste of money and that too in this critical election. I strongly believe that stupid people like Akin should even be stripped of their right to vote.