I read in the Libertarian magazine Reason, that Libertarians were expected to vote for Obama by a greater than 6-4 margin. When I worked on my first republican campaign in 1988 (JKFP) most of my colleagues were self described small government libertarians. It strikes me as a sad state of affairs when our party cannot win the vote of this group.

The question is why?

Has Bush totally lost for our party the small government position? If so that is too bad, because I don’t think he ever claimed to be a small government conservative and he most certainly did not govern like one.

Have the socially conservative positions (particularly on drugs and gambling) scared some libertarians away from the party?

Have other libertarians been scared away by things like the Patriot Act?

Regardless, of the reason we have clearly lost most of them.

So can we bring them back?

Can a Libertarian who thinks marijuana should be legalized sit comfortably in the same tent with an evangelical Christian conservative?

When Reagan was the president he managed to bring these groups together but I would argue that the split began in the ’88 primary when, Bush, Dole, Robertson, Kemp and even Ron Paul all took different factions and I don’t think we have put them all back together in a meaningful way since.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?