My blood starts to boil when I see all of the supposedly conservate commentators and pundits say Newt is “unelectable”. Against Obama, of all people, an extremely smart, reasonably conservative candidate who has a track record of balancing the budget and working sucessfully with a Bill Clinton is unelectable? I cry foul!

How can that be true? Certainly Newt was at one time a polarizing figure and the face of the government shutdown, but people, that was close to 20 years ago. This is a new Newt. He is older, kinder, and gentler but just as smart and just as consistently conservative. When faced head to head with Obama he can certainly beat BO.

The polls that show Romney does better against Obama right now than Newt are entirely irrelevant. Once he is the Nominee and gets all of the press coverage and people in the middle meet the new Newt that will change quickly.

Stop the “unelectable” mantra. If you don’t like Newt don’t vote for him, but don’t compromise and vote for somebody else just because you think that are more electable.