It couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow.  Jason Levin, who through his website “” advocated the “demolition” of the Tea Parties through “false flag” operations using moles appearing at the rallies dressed as Nazis, loonies and haters of every ilk, is now under investigation.  Levin is a “media teacher” at an Oregon middle school.  He is is on administrative leave and is being investigated by the State licensing board and by his local school district for having used his employer’s resources and time to conduct his political hit-job and to determine whether he is fit to teach. The school district has said that if he did his hit-job on his own time then it’s just free speech and none of their business, but I wonder if they’d say the same if he hosted a web-site that espoused Nazi ideology instead of merely advocating that people lie and proclaim they believe in Nazi ideology in order to defame a political movement?  In either case, he’s not fit to be teaching kids.