What a week this has been.

Harry “Bull” Reid became the latest in a long line of Democrats to stand in the doorway of an institution to deny admission to an African American.

His Excellency Tsar Barak The Worst voted “present” for the first time from the “Office of the President-Elect” on the matter of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

And Wepwesentative Bawney Fwank unhinged his jaw and drooled out …well …something about “stimwuwus” and “baiwlowt” or something like that…I don’t know, I can never understand what this guy is talking about. All I know is that stocks plunge every time he opens his mouth.

With everything that is going on it would be easy to become dispirited. In times like this it is especially important to remember…Ronald Reagan. Remember what he said while he was still among us? He spoke of the day when he would have to ascend from our world to be with his Creator, but he assured us that he would never leave us alone and wandering.

No. No, The Reagan would never do that to us.

It is in this spirit that I bring good news. Though it seems like a dark time for the Rebellion, I bring a message of…hope.

Our prophet speaks to us again!

One by one the non-believers have tested her. Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly and some old jackass with glasses who I didn’t recognize. And one by one she has cast them into the lake of fire!

I speak, of course, of Ann “The Baptist” Coulter.

Actually, I don’t know is she’s a Baptist or not. All I know is that she is and amazing writer and the living embodiment of the right way to deal with liberals. She never backs down, never apologizes, and never accepts the false premises and propaganda her little “commie” critics lob her way. Ann Coulter spikes the ball in their face every time and dares them to set her up again and God Bless her for it!

You owe it to yourself to get on Youtube and watch the plethora of interviews in which she demonstrates time and again that liberals are nothing to be afraid of. For some reason I always hear the “Patton” speech echoing in the back of my mind. “Wade into them! Spill their blood! Shoot them in the belly!…Hold on to ’em by the nose and kick ’em in the ass!”

So if this blonde gal who weighs maybe a hundred pounds, soaking wet, with rocks in her pockets, can stand up to her Stalinist critics and the gentlemen leftists in the media, why then can’t more of our conservative “men”?

How ‘bout it fellas? It’s time to man-up and start spitting their venom back in their faces! I won’t call you out by name this time because it’s Friday and I want to end the week on a good note. But let there be one more Republican thrown under the bus by his or her own party and I will treat you like the cowardly, mutinous traitors that you are!

I won’t be alone either, there will be many of us. We have been hiding in the jungle while aristocratic traitors have sold out the movement for their own seat at the tea party. Well, no more! There is no more room for half-way-conservatives. The Resistance will no longer suffer defeats at the hands of turncoats from within it’s own ranks. Want to get along with those who are destroying our country? Fine…join them! Want to “reach across the aisle”? Fine…reach across it! And while you’re at it, find an empty seat and park your ass right there with the commies! This is the house of Reagan! Either fall in line, or pack your things and geeeeiiit out! And take Gergen, Powell and Schwarzenegger with you!

In the coming days and weeks every liberal commentator that knows how to read will be pouring over every page of Coulter’s book. They will be looking for snippets which they will then mischaracterize in order to attack Ann the Baptist and, by extension, the entire conservative movement. This is important to remember. They are not just attacking her, they are attacking you and me.

We must have a code if the movement is to succeed. This is our code:

No one fights alone. A comrade under fire must always be able to expect assistance from The Resistance. A shot fired at one of us is a shot fired at all.

It’s that simple. Learn it. Live it. Tell others.

There is no doubt that Ann Coulter will fight in the coming weeks. Every true Conservative has a responsibility to not only buy and read her book, but to defend it, and her, at all times and in all places.

The book is called “Guilty; Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America”.

Support your fellow radical, conservative extremists!