Well, there’s nothing new under the sun. This is especially true when it comes to liberalism and their Marxist friends in the environmental movement.

Some of you may have heard the name Paul R. Ehrlich. He is distinguished professor at Stanford University and a leading expert on…the “checkerspot butterfly”.

But for the few of us outside of the ‘checkerspot butterfly research community’, Prof. Ehrlich is known for a little side gig of his, that being environmental doomsday predictions. In 1968 Ehrlich was the author of a piece of literary propaganda called “The Population Bomb” which predicted, among other things, the mass starvation of hundreds of millions in the ‘70s’ and ‘80’s.

Ehrlich also compares the human race to a cancer…for those of you who woke up feeling good about yourself this morning.

So for any of you still out there, and I assume you’re living in small hunter-gatherer tribes, let’s have a look at what Ehrlich is up to today shall we? I know this may be hard to read because you’re probably huddled around a fire, but if I may ask you to please…put down the squirrel you’re roasting at the end of a stick…and pay attention for just a couple of minutes.

In a 2004 interview with grist.org, an unofficial church bulletin for environmental ‘moonies’, Ehrlich defends his…let’s call them “less than substantiated”…predictions by explaining that he has relied on UN population data (in case you had any doubts about who was really behind all of this). He also claims that even though his predictions were “too specific about time frames” (no…we certainly don’t want science to be specific, especially when ambiguous science will serve our purpose) his “basic conclusions were right on”.

This is true if you accept as one of Ehrlich’s “basic conclusions” that the human race is a cancerous infestation…especially those of us who live under a capitalist system.

In the same interview Ehrlich praises China for having “done miracles” in the area of population control with what he calls, “a relatively coercive program”.

If you are unfamiliar with China’s relatively coercive program, that would be the “One Child Policy” whereby the communist government uses forced birth control, forced abortions and forced sterilization to “coerce” a reduction in the birth rate. They also have a “gently persuasive” method of addressing issues like out-of-control free speech and inconvenient public assemblies (see Tiananmen Square).

So why should we care about a fruitcake professor at Stanford and his forty year old book? Why? Because these people influence policy! Oh…they’ve learned their lesson alright. You won’t see anymore issues of “specificity” in their scientific studies. They’ve taken care of that little problem. Not going to make that mistake again!

Today, in addition to polluting the minds of students at Stanford, Prof. Ehrlich is a patron at the Optimum Population Trust. In a July 11, 2008 news release the OPT cites a study by World Population Day which challenges the notion of a “right to have children”. The study suggests that this right only extends to the area of ‘self replacement’. On that basis, the ‘right to procreate’ would justify only one or two children…and no more.

This report goes on to claim that “Only the decision not to have children is a genuinely private act” because “Not procreating is personal; Procreating is interpersonal.” In other words, forget all of that “right to privacy” B.S., ‘If you choose not to have kids…that’s your business; If you choose to have kids…that’s our business’. See where this is going? Everything old is new again.

All of this started because a “butterfly expert” decided in 1968 that there were too many people. It becomes obvious though that the real problem for Prof. Ehrlich was that there were too many free people.

The works of Prof. Ehrlich, and others like him (call them “legion”…for there are many), are littered with anti-capitalist, anti-free market and anti-American rhetoric. Over the years the movement has changed terminology and spokespersons but the target is always the same…individual liberty.

The truth is that there is starvation in the world. And in almost every instance there is a Marxist regime behind it. Starvation has been a favorite tool of leftists to control, punish and enslave populations since Stalin implemented the forced starvation of seven million of his own people. A fact that is conveniently left out of the “research” endorsed by Ehrlich and his fellow travelers because it is…well…too “specific”.

What Prof. Ehrlich would like you to know according to a group he founded calling itself the Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth) is that the U.S. will add 1.1 million children to our population compared to Africa’s 1.2 billion however our carbon dioxide emissions will remain the same.

Were you aware that American children are breathing too much? I kind of figured that was the problem a lot of UN member states have with us. They would like for our children to breath less…or even…not at all if that is on the table.
I can’t wait for these people to start writing healthcare policy when the Obama Administration imposes Universal Medicare.