If you don’t understand that then you need to open your eyes! America is dying a slow death and we are all too afraid to say it and do anything about it.

The country is in the mess it is today because of the ill conceived notion that being a ‘moderate’ or someone who ‘compromises’ is what we should strive for. You hear it every day on television about how gridlock in Washington is such a terrible thing and how politicians can’t get “The Peoples” work done like they want to because the right wing won’t compromise.

Obama Socialism

In the eyes of a liberal, progressive, socialist, Marxist or Democrat (they are all the same) compromise ONLY means caving in to their demands. To them being a ‘moderate’ means going along with what they want. And for years conservatives have played right along except for a brief period of time when Ronald Reagan was President.

But even Reagan did more compromising than he should have. He was also fooled by the Democrats into thinking that they would deal honestly and fairly with him promising him things in return for his support of some issues on their agenda. Reagan commented in his later years that he felt betrayed and never saw the things he was promised by the Democrats. We should have learned from that a long time ago.

Years, and years of ‘compromise’ and being ‘moderate’ have left this country in a financial disaster it may not be able to recover from. Government spending is out of control and growing at an ever increasing rate. We have a national debt of well over 15 Trillion dollars, 40% of every dollar we spend is borrowed and half of all Americans are not paying any income taxes. This is a recipe for economic collapse.

How much longer will an increasingly smaller and smaller portion of society continue to pay for everything and everyone else? How much longer can entitlements keep growing before there is just no more money to pay for them? Does anyone really think the Fed can keep printing more and more money and nothing catastrophic will take place?

Last week we saw a dog and pony show on Capitol Hill, presented by the Democrats where a young woman proclaimed that it was just not right that she had to pay for her own contraception. She is a student at a prestigious law school and let the world know that it was just ‘too much’ to expect her to pay for her own contraception while at law school. Really? Wow! She is even on a scholarship at the school. So she (and every Democrat in the country) expect the taxpayers or insurance companies to pay for her birth control. Remember, insurance companies will not ‘pay’ for it. They will just raise the premiums of their customers to pay for it. And the ‘government’ will not pay for it. They will raise taxes or just print more money out of thin air to pay for it. So as crazy it seems the bottom line is all us taxpayers and workers will pay for her contraception needs whether we want to or not.

Entitlement Spending

Yet, “The People” want more and more of this insanity it seems. The media and Democrats make you feel like you are some kind of evil person if you dare to say you are against another new entitlement. Most people want to feel good about themselves and don’t want to have someone say or even think they are a ‘bad’ person so they go along with it.

They stay silent or even vote for the people (Democrats) that will enact more such laws because it makes them feel good about themselves. “I am a good person! I support more entitlements! I vote for Democrats because they are more moderate and that is a good thing.” Then these voters can sleep peacefully at night knowing they ‘helped’ someone in need when in reality they are hurting the country as a whole in a dramatic way.

The truth is this is all a bunch of Bull! The bleeding hearts and people that want to (or need to) feel good about themselves and vote for Democrats or RINO’s are the cause of the very problems we face today that will doom the country. When you hear the media or a Democrat saying, “It is good to be a moderate. We need compromise” it is a trap! What they are really saying is you voters need to let us turn America into a socialist country by putting us in office. They pitch the phony narrative that they want to help the poor, help the children, protect women’s rights and save the Earth when their true intent is something very different.

Democrats are hypocrites! I realized this when I was only about 12 years old. They say things to try and tug at your heart strings and make you feel like you are a bad person if you don’t support their agenda. Their agenda is ruining this country as we know it and must be stopped.

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart said it best when he proclaimed, “This is war! We conservatives are not taking it anymore!” Yes, we have ‘taken it’ for years and years and it has to change. The liberals have been ‘at war’ with us for some time. When will we realize that? We have literally lost control of our own government while we had our backs turned, working hard making the country great. While we were minding our own business people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have been hard at work within the government making their socialist agenda a reality. The very fabric of America is being changed right before our eyes. If you don’t think this is ‘war’ you are naïve and foolish.

These are scary times! We have an electorate that produced a President that flat out told us he did not like America and was determined to “fundamentally change it.” He told us what he was going to do and he is doing it! Being a good person DOES NOT mean being a ‘moderate’ or being willing to ‘compromise’. The time for compromise and moderation is over. Being in the ‘middle’ is the totally wrong way to think unless you want America to be a socialist country.

In truth, being a good citizen means standing up for what is right and what needs to be done and NOT backing down. We must take our medicine or we will never get better. The Democrats are like a bad parent. They give their kids candy because the kids want it even though they know it will make them sick and rot their teeth. In fact, they even get them addicted to the candy by design. They buy their kids lavish Christmas presents and pay for them with a credit card that they have no intention of ever paying off themselves. They don’t tell their kids this but the ‘kids’ will be the ones having to pay for that credit card bill sometime in the future.

Obama - Pelosi - Biden - Reid

The Democrats take every opportunity to kill energy production because in truth they want gasoline to be $10 a gallon so people won’t drive. They tell you they are trying to save the environment instead of telling the truth that they really don’t want a population of citizens that are ‘empowered’ to be free people and pursue happiness. The Democrats think they are the ‘ruling class’, that they know best and that we are pheasants. The pheasants can’t be controlled if they are free to do what they please economically and politically. $10 a gallon gasoline is part of their plan to keep people dependant on the government which of course is them.

The Communist Party was not the workers party. They just said that to keep the masses in check so they could tax them and control them with a strong central government. Anyone that tells you that is not the exact same thing the Democrats want these days is a liar. The Democratic Party has totally been taken over by socialists, progressives and Marxists. The Communists were the ruling class. That is the Democrats goal these days.

We better wake up and take action now before it is too late. The Constitution is our guiding principle and we must ‘demand’ a return to a government that obeys the Constitution. We are like a speeding car heading towards a cliff and the Democrats are saying ‘go faster!’ Now ‘why’ would they want that? The Republicans are saying, “Well, maybe we should consider slowing down a little bit or changing course somewhat. We need to talk about that.”

Both parties are taking us down a path to ruin, one just quicker than the other. Nancy Pelosi even said that there ‘should be no difference’ no matter which party wins the majority in the government. What she means is that, in her mind, it does not matter if Republicans or Democrats win. The end result will be the same. A strong central government that controls the masses…meaning controlling us.

Rick Perry "Part Time Congress"

The government needs to leave people alone, get off the back of businesses, and stop spending money they don’t have. We must DEMAND that from our elected officials or vote them out. As Rick Perry said, “The Federal Government needs to be as inconsequential in the everyday lives of Americans as possible.” The time is now and we must act to take back our government and restore America to what it once was. No more compromise.

If we don’t act now what Ronald Reagan warned us about will come true…

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Ronald Reagan

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