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Four well-heeled New York Democrats are under investigation by an Ohio prosecutor for setting up a temporary home in the swing state – where two have already cast their ballots – just so that their votes will be counted there, The Post has learned.

The targets of the probe – including the daughter and son-in-law of a New York City real-estate titan, a former New York Sun reporter and a Bank of New York Mellon executive – are connected to Vote From Home, a Manhattan-based political action committee set up to get voters to the polls in Ohio, where residents are allowed to cast ballots 29 days before Election Day, investigators said.

The New Yorkers and nine other members from across the country are accused of packing themselves into a modest three-bedroom house in Columbus, waiting 30 days – and then registering, even though the Buckeye State is not their permanent residence.

Under Ohio law, a person who comes to the state for “temporary purposes only,” without the intention of making it the “permanent place of abode” is not considered a resident. New permanent residents must live in Ohio 30 days before registering.

Four group members, including two of the New Yorkers, have already cast ballots, and six others requested absentee ballots from the county elections board.

More Voter Fraud in Ohio. We need a national ID law

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