The Baker Report
Dr. Jake Baker

Yesterday, while criticizing Vice Presidential Nominee, Paul Ryan, who spoke of his father in his Wisconsin speech this past weekend, Joe Biden quoted his father, implying that his dad was wiser than Ryan’s dad.

“…My dad [had] a lot of wisdom. Every time someone tells you, say, ‘Look, let me tell you what’s important to me, what I value.’ My dad would go, ‘No, no. Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget, and I will tell you what you value.’”

think VP Biden is correct.  Show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value.  So let’s look at the Democratic Budget for this year.  Oh … there isn’t one.

Let’s look at the last year’s budget.  Sorry, there isn’t one for last year either.  Not to fear, let’s look at the budget for 2010.  Oh there isn’t one.  In fact, there has been no budget from the Democrats in over 1,200 days.  That’s over three years.

Looking at their budget really does tell us a lot about what liberals value.  What sort of conclusions can we draw from a party that hasn’t presented a budget in over three years?

They say they care about Medicare and the elderly; however, there is no budget to provide for Medicare.  In fact, Mr. Obama stole over $700 billion from Medicare and put it into death panels and ObamaCare.  Currently Medicare and Social Security will be bankrupt just a few years down the road.  But still—no plan from the Democrats to save it—no budget.

We are borrowing forty cents of every dollar we spend.  That is loading debt on each and every one of us, our children and grandchildren.  Further, such profligate spending is inflationary which hurts the poorest among us.  It is a hidden tax that cruelly and silently steals the limited funds of the impoverished.  Still no budget plan to end the spending that is hurting our children and the poor.

To further exacerbate the problems for  business, the lack of a budget by Democrats leaves business hanging in limbo, not knowing if the current tax plan will stay in effect or if Mr. Obama is going to raise taxes.  ObamaCare is also a very worrisome program for business.  But without a budget, no one knows exactly what the effect of all of this will be.  Uncertainty leads to a lack of hiring and continued high unemployment.  So much for caring for the unemployed.

Largely due to unemployment under Obama’s Administration, we now have over 100 million people on one form of welfare or another.  Still there is no budget plan to fix the problem or provide a new direction to get the country back to work. Despite the failure of all of the Obama economic programs, there is not budget to begin correcting the problem.

Meanwhile, businesses are being hammered by the highest corporate taxes in the industrialized world, our energy sector, especially coal, is being crushed by outlandish regulatory practices, and the petroleum industry is experiencing constant delays due to bureaucracy and red tape.  All of this leads to energy dependence instead of independence, which leads to still more borrowing from China, adding to our balance of trade deficit and further eroding the dollar.  As the dollar continues to erode, the poor see their meager means dwindle still further.  Still there is no budget plan to spur the business or energy sector.

All we have gotten from the left is criticism for Republican budget proposals without a single budgetary idea.  Meanwhile, many middle class Americans are moving from middle class to the working poor as their jobs disappear, their houses continue to devalue and their net worth continues to drop.  In fact, the net worth of Americans has dropped 40% since Mr. Obama took power.  Still no budget to guide the economy back to safe harbor and prosperity.

I could go on … but what’s the point?  Joe’s dad was right … show me your budget and I’ll show you what  you really value.  Well in over 1,200 days there has been no budget from the Democrats.  Nothing.  And perhaps that says it all.

Progressives talk a good game but when you get right down to it, they still have no budget for the poor, the middle class, or the elderly.  There is no budget to reign in out of control spending.  As capital is sucked into the vacuous government machinery, capital for small business dries up.

So, the Democrats can’t or won’t produce a budget.  If a budget shows what you really value…  the only conclusion we can draw is that they value nothing except their own ability to hold on to power, even if it means a deepening recession and a potential economic meltdown.