One way to truly unhinge a Liberal is to point out the rampant Judicial Activism the executes the majority of liberal policy.   Liberal nominees to the Federal bench and the Supreme Court become particularly indignant when accused of legislating from the bench, and for the most part claim or imply an Originalist philosophy.

I’m going to attempt to illustrate the absurdity of the Judicial activism we witness almost daily, and why any Senator (Republican or Democrat) who does not actively try to derail any activist judicial nomination must be defeated.

Let’s take an unapologetic liberal in congress, say Dennis Kucinich, decides that he wants to cement Liberal policies in the Constitution via the Amendment process.  His proposed Amendment will be called ;

“Protecting America from the Homophobic, Xenophobic and Sexist Right Wing Constitutional Amendment of 2010”

or something like that.  The Amendment will include three simple tenets:

  1. Any same sex couple wishing to marry made do so anywhere in the United States
  2. Any child born on US soil to illegal alien parents will be guaranteed US citizenship
  3. A woman seeking an abortion  for any reason cannot be denied one anywhere in the US

Now anyone, conservative or liberal, who has  a working knowledge of the current makeup of congress knows that the Kucinich Constitutional Amendment would never even make it to a vote in congress because it would surely fail.  Even in arguably the most liberal congress in modern history it probably wouldn’t get a majority vote in either house, let alone the 2/3 majority in both houses it would need to be brought to the states for ratification.

Even if the entire House and Senate were made up of Dennis Kuciniches and Barbara Boxers and the Kucinich Amendment got the votes in congress, it would then need ratification of both houses of 3/4 of the states.  A minimum of 75 state houses to ratify it.  13 state houses could defeat it.  No way in hell even in this era of far left liberal governance at so many levels of our society.

Here’s how STUPID liberals think the American people are;  while everyone knows that such an Amendment would fail in 2010, liberals want you to believe that the Kucinich Constitutional Amendment was ratified right in the middle of the Victorian Era in post Civil War 1868.

That’s right.  According to Liberal judges, the representives of the good people of the United States upon Ratifing the 14th Amendment:

  1. Set National Policy Mandating Legal Gay marriage , in an era where acts of homosexuality were criminal in nearly every state,
  2. Set National Policy Mandating  Birthright citizenship to children of illegal aliens,  although children of Indians pledging allegiance to their tribes and children of legally present foreign nationals pledging allegiance to their home countries were not granted citizenship
  3. Set National Abortion Policy giving women the right to an abortion in an era before anti biototics or anestesia when the act of abortion meant a painful death to most women who made that ‘choice’,  and more than 50 years before the womens sufferage amendment.  Yes, according to liberals,  a womens ‘right to abort’ was established 50 years before a womens ‘right to vote’.  At least they have their priorities in order.

Isn’t it amazing how the objectives of the states in 1868 ratifying the 14th Amendment are remarkably similar to the objectives of the Center for American Progress or….?

These Liberal Judges are so Full of Crap must be called out and removed if possible.   And in the spirit of our former Commander in Chief   …..We must make No Distinction between those who commit  Judicial activism and those that allow them to rise to the bench….