Defining the Republican/Conservative Party

One of the biggest mistakes we as Conservatives and Republicans have made over the past four to six years is that we allowed the Democrat Party and the libs to define who we are and what we stand for.

George W. Bush and Karl Rove sat back the past six years and allowed the Democrat party and the liberal media to attack the party, the administration, the administrations policies, and the economic record these policies have produced. George W. consistently stated that he believed it was disrespectful to the “office of the President” to respond to the flurry of constant attacks.

As a result, the majority of the American people do not understand how the banking crisis has been culminating since the 1970’s and how President Clinton helped to accelerate the problem. They are not aware that the Democrats holding power in committees consistently blocked efforts by Republicans (and President Bush) to reign in Freddie and Fannie through regulation. They are not aware that the CEO’s of Freddie and Fannie were former hacks of the Democrat party and the congressional black caucus. They have not seen the mounds of video with the democrats in congress stating how there was nothing wrong with Freddie and Fannie.

Further, most Americans are not aware of the economic record of the Bush Administration. Most are not aware that no president has had more consecutive months of job growth than George W. Bush (including Reagan). The American people are not aware that the fastest growing segment of the American electorate are those making over $100,000. They are not aware that 40% of all voters voting in this years election make over $75,000 (the highest ever).

Furthermore, most American people do not know that the poorest segment of the electorate (those making under $15,000) has shrunk from 11 percent to 6 percent. And further, they still are not aware that the “working poor” (those making between $15,000 to $30,000 annually) have shrunk from 23 percent to 12 percent of the electorate. Most Americans are not aware of the significant growth of GDP this country has experienced through the majority of the Bush Presidency. And lastly (as I don’t have time to list everything), most American’s are not aware that if the black population were their own country, they would be the 16th richest nation in the world. How is that for improved racial equality.

No one from the Republican or Conservative groups have adequately communicated these facts to the American Electorate. If we do not find a way to successfully communicate our ideas, values, and successes, we will continue to fail. We must stop this vicious cycle of allowing the Democrat party and the liberal establishments to define who we are and what we stand for. We must define ourselves to the American people.