How can it be that John McCain argues against socialism? He is the main reason that congressional Republicans changed their votes in favor of the bailout. One cannot support the bailout and easily cry socialism to me.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama’s tax plan is a socialist’s dream, but does anyone on the right see that McCain isn’t much better? This issue would have worked so much better for him had he stood on principle, instead of flailing about now with hypocitical accusations. He would have been given the opportunity to distance himself from the president, and tie Obama to the president while maintaining the classical conservative economic message.

I hope we elect John McCain, because Obama is dangerous to over-all liberty in this country. We will lose our rights in an Obama administration more quickly than with John McCain. I will vote for John McCain; I just wish we had a more solidly conservative candidate, who could articulate the message.


To all of you people who think that the bailout was necessary, what political benefit does John McCain reap by aiding Wall Street? It is the Wall Street Republicans who have gotten us in this mess. John McCain would have been much better off as a candidate had he helped defeat the bailout once and for all. Why should the conservative wing of the party be made to kowtow to the boys on the street? Besides, an awful lot of Wall Street money has been given to the Clintons and the Democrats. So we aren’t losing very much, while opposing them would allow us to retain our populist message that makes the GOP work. The party cannot survive for long on just the wacko populists, but it can’t win without them either. I think the bailout was the beginning of the end for John McCain’s candidacy and all in order to bail out the moguls who dragged us down in the first place.