With the Democrats flailing about wildly, the GOP needs to offer a coherent plan in the healthcare debate.  I know that many on this site will say that we have one, but I think we need to make it apparent with advertisements detailing what we want. 

With talk of splitting the healthcare bill in two pieces, the GOP needs to take the lead on the portions of the healthcare reform we support, to include things like interstate portability and tort reform.  We also need to make it clear to the middle class, that the Republicans want to make healthcare more affordable for the people who currently have it.  If we make it cheaper for those already insured, then those without will have a cheaper option for insurance.

I think this will work in that the Democrats have already fallen apart on this issue.  Rep. Wiener has stated that 100 Democrats will vote no on reform without a government option.  Republicans can take credit for saving reform if we split the bill and pass the things we can agree with Blue Dogs on.  Then the president will have to tick off his base, which will hurt congressional Democrats.  After all the enemy in 2010 isn’t BHO, it’s the congressional liberals from moderate to conservative districts. 

MSNBC is already huffing and puffing.  If Obama signs a reform bill without a government option, they will completely lose it.  The left will explode.  They will become as despondent as they were in 1994.  Then we’ll win even bigger in 2010.  I have advocated supporting a number of Blue Dog positions in the past, just to force the Democrats to choose.  Now, I think we need to be a wedge between the president and his leftist base.  It’s not only good policy for the country, but deliciously good policy for the country.