Recently, some Nebraska school districts have made it mandatory that teachers decline from counting off points for late work.

As a teacher, I find this a terrible idea.  The rationale given is that we cannot presuppose our morals into the classroom.  Therefore, since punctuality is a moral issue, we have no right to require kids to get work done on time. 

That is going work out well in the employment sector.  I am sure employers are really champing at the bit to hire a kid who has never been forced to turn something in on a deadline. 


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More reason to heed the call of Erik and others.  We don’t just need conservatives in Washington, we need them in Republican states like Nebraska as well.  Two of the communities where this is happening I know are Grand Island and North Platte.  I think Lincoln is doing this as well.

I know teachers are part of the problem in education, but administrative policies like the one just mentioned are really problematic as well.  If we want basic morals and understanding the way the world works, we need activists to resist these policies from egg-head school administrators.  Let’s let the teachers teach, and turning assignments in on time is one value that needs to be in our schools.